What can these simple moves achieve?

Conversation with a Gentling Way practitioner



Why do we do things this way?

It works

Regardless of whatever else we do in a session

Pelvic opening frees Bao Mai to communicate again with Dai Mai


Letting go

Deep breaths – as we unfold their tangles –  they do  .  . we can encourage with our breath .

Get the Three Heater to flow again

Understanding the role of cold invasion, Spleen Qi depletion and Damp (and iodine) in the water metabolism – all we are doing is reestablishing flows – through ensuring we have enough hydration – whilst we are working in you.

Process . .

Often the woman is starting in the steamer . . men also . . perieneal steams allow loosening

Maja“Sitting up is great” – start with the forwards facing position and straddling.
After moxa sacral fan (real moxa)

Will eventually look for cold in the body – IT DEPENDS – on what is being presented.

ME I know when I was working with so many pregnant women – so many could NOT be on the table till I had moved bub – so easy . . 

‘I say I am a Qi mover’ Maja

ME – I am a Body Mechanic/Life doula – working with Inner Feng Shui

1 – Sacral moxa fan

Demo here

Takes away the pain

Can work a lot deeper
And then really go deep

Sitting up can get right into gluts/coccyx – and they are really happy for their pants to go down further as it is all so releasing of the neck/upper body as well as lower. 

I am loving this so much as I can drop the recipient and get in so much deeper.’

ME – Anything else?

‘More comfy after also
Can hold them whilst working – more personal/intimate
Also allows them to go way deeper’.

ME – 2x weekly session (at least) to give them boundaries – and to know that they are being worked upon – to change. Is why also the intensives. This will bring what is held up – and is why they are seeing us now.

Tools to be used – all of Kaliana’s plus Aura Soma

Steaming. . 


2 – Stuck Liver Qi Release (SLQR)  

Usually after above – MSF)
Then do all sacral butt work.

(After chest gouge)

‘Brings up the emotions’
They have been holding on – they can then choose to let go (Held hostage)

ME – also press in SI 9,11 at beginning as a marker of where you have come at the end. What do you expect to happen?
‘Kick start the lymph movement’.

3 – Chest Gouging

To move the lymph/gets anything in breasts moving


ME – must validate the little girl within – she is the gate-keeper – she was tasked with survival when little – and vestiges of her – split – may run as a saboteur.

Remember her – she is in control when dealing with inner programmes.

I give people a little journal so that whilst they are on the steamer they get to write down what comes up – starting a habit for home.


Maja – spoke of Jill’s red tent adventures – and the ‘maja’ – I said queen and explained how we need to be in that phase – is about us setting our boundaries


Maiden – mother-queen- crone

Family constellations
Place all in age order. .
Lineage comes through recognition of life experience.

It seems only as we pass the 60 mark that we are capable of looking back – and healing the past

 Why do we do this move?

Opens up the breath/breasts

ME – (TH working – Lu 1 – start of the Qi movement)

After SLQR – validation through getting them to

1 – take a deep breath before and after

2 – Also a pull-up
3 – And move neck/shoulders

We are not using this word – just as I am no longer ‘an acupuncturist’.

By then they are loving my hands – drops them down to deeper layers.

Tummy starts to gurgle (and they apologise).

ME – Small Intestine  – separates the pure and impure – the Gentle Bio energetics work.
See the entire Reichian armor bands info. (Stethoscope and belly shows the release – as very minute movements with breath – release what has been stored away).

3 (b) – Digging into sternum/intercostals

Around CV 17 area – very painful.

They take deeper breaths – and are open more.

(Reichian armour bands release).

4 – Round and round

Softens them further.
By now belly – which may have been all tangled up – is not.

Top half belly

Can feel it calming everything.

They are then more comfy in their whole body.

4 (a) Shakey shakey

Loosens everything – esp the lymph.

Can then do so much more lightening and releasing.


5 – Upper lymphatic


(Working on diaphragm)

Interface upper and middle heaters – gentle slow and very shallow to start.
With the breath. A lot of disclosing may happen at this point – they trust – their body is open.

Maja does the moxa, then the sacral work – deeper and deeper and then the SLQR and the chest and belly – we can do any order – but all of us will be best following the TH function – upper to lower – once the Qi is moving – and we are all bound up differently thus:


6 – Sacral work 

best after the moxa – but now I do not use it – we can still work magic with our fingers – often I alternate between working in the belly and the back – after steaming in there somewhere – makes a huge difference. Sometimes the steaming happens x2.

People often say:

‘I came in with a sore neck – why are you working down there?’

All of the work – and repeating back to SLQR and the chest and then can go even deeper.

Starting very lightly and going deeper eventually



7 – Lower lymph (inguinal groove)

Scars/adhesions open pelvis – everything to be in right place

Clean out their lower body circulation – legs and all pelvic/back regions

Repositioning uterus

Leg/foot circulation issues – incl peripheral neuropathies.

Many moves in this busy drawing. It needs unpacking. There are THREE things happening.
The glut/bum kneading (circles on bum) creates heat and thus increasing pinkness.(which you want). The spots are the holes in the sacrum – where when pushed you can greatly improve circulation to the pelvis. The lines with arrows shows where to push in at 45 degree angle at the very end of the session – when you wish the perineum to open (and cervix – for either increased sexual pleasure/sensation and/or opening to birth – one woman said when i did this she felt like a ramp opening up!)

Of course this is one version – of a hands-on session.

There are multiple ways – however I am noticing that the P.A.C.E. and then accident recall do so very much . .

Other session starters . .

  Love to hear (if you are a GW worker) how your average session goes.

General idea

1 – Cupping cold from navel – then moxa (anyone – decades of it)

2 – Take out shock with Kiiko’s point (plus (s) Liver 2) – same . .

3 – Thread anxiety moxa heel point

4 – P.A.C.E. /accident recall

5 – Gua Sha/cupping back

For these – all are in the Foundational Moves section of the Self Care online course –  that holds the gems/secrets of my success.

Pull out what is not supposed to be there and thus the body can take over again.

I tend to get people in PACE first – and show the undoing freeze/Polyvagal.

To continue at home.



 Maybe if you have not already – get with the programme?

Start here . .
(Or redo it) 

The Foundational Moves are so much of the key to the rest of the ease of life as a hands-on wonder!


 Enjoy decluttering yourself and others!