My intentions in deviating from ‘the script’


The qualifiers (your intentions) for my work are:
A thirst for more.
A wish to serve the women beyond what is currently provided and
A deep desire to undo their own stories.  .
This means this is in three parts always –
1 – clearing ourselves,
2 – knitting self– what we already have lived in a different light then
3 – banding togetherto be able to serve – as this light work is can be a lonely business. .
This work is sorts out why the structural problems may be lingering.
Dai Mai – and the GB /Liver tension holding the ligaments hostage – get 8 Extras right – the reservoirs of perverse Qi and all else clears . .
This means we must work on ourselves first – there is an experiential side to this.
And accept that from time to time in these trainings it is ‘our turn’.
We may have a much needed ‘breakthrough’ – eventual=ting in massive shifts.
‘Inner rain’ may also fall.
Towers knocked down.
Brand new beginnings. ..

Intentions – mine

As an acupuncture consultant/teacher and course designer . .
To bridge out of TCM and mental constructs.
To allow more body working Qi/touch therapists into the real work of realigning us to our bodies.
As an Arvigo Self Care teacher, I know we do not do foundational work – as a woman I know it is extremely needed (and my grads can then teach pelvic opening to anyone). This is after they have experienced what happens when we start to liberate what has been stored away – often for generations . . .
As the Genting Way founder/designer and practitioner
To gift what is so simple back to the healing arts and as home help for all.
As a woman – I live in a body that has picked itself up and carried on – and have stood to assist so many thousands of women directly and so many 100,000’s of women indirectly through my teaching over the past 35+ years – we need to Rise Up! NOW
As a mother I know that it is so easy to think – ‘I will sort out out later’.

NOW IS ‘LATER’ . .  .

That ‘later’ is here

Crones – and all elders hand over . .

How can you start?


Hands on?
Immerse in it all?
Maybe even . . Want also to teach this in your community?

Let us begin . . .

Undoing what holds us hostage – us and ‘them’ – all of us are constrained – not flowing well.








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