Gentling is a way to allow reintegration back to wholeness.

By respecting individual nuances, adding into the rich tapestry of many modalities, drawn from Heather’s decades of working with ‘hard cases’, and of teaching acupuncture and various body work, transformative ways, in with the multicultural human solutions – to live and to free stuck (trauma).

Fundamental to this are the basic principles:

  1. – Energy follows thought – (we are what we believe)
  2. – Structure determines function – and we hold what we have no way to let on – put otherwise –
  3. – The body remembers all that has happened to it – thus – until it is safe to do so
    – it will be holding on tight – still – thus to get
  4. – Flows to flow – we must let 5 – The body heal itself.

We play at the edges of breath, life and soulful connections – allowing that which has held you hostage to choose when and how to let go.Origin?
Many, and various.All through Heather’s practical clinical life experiences, at the edges of possibilities.

What is so different about this work?

Holistic multi modality transformative energy body work

  • Antakarana – Our ‘silver cord’ that keeps us here – aligned in Light 
  • Top circle – the vibrational needs – to clear ‘our body remembers everything that has ever happened to us
  • Left – the fueling – Food Factory – to keep us nourished
  • Right – the structure we live in – determines function
  • Top oval – the instructions in energy that allow life
  • Bottom oval – elder wisdoms = across all tribes

All are welcome. . . .

We all need to reside in our bellies and attend to our wounded souls, and broken hearts.

Some elect to assist others on their journeys.

Some excel in hands on – and in these times when we may not be able to travel as we once could
– I have brought my decades of hands on practical wise womanly ways onto Zoom and int easy to follow online classes.
Initially we are to undo what we hold within.

In the process, we lose our own distress, thus when meeting with others – we are more likely to be heartful and able to assist as we all move through the process of regaining our sovereignty.

Gentling Way allows the release of whatever is blocking life force  – subtle, profound shifts likely when let go what we have become stuck in

  • Pelvic Opening – getting the Dai Mai clear
  • Foundational Moves – undo the clutter
  • Gentling Trauma Relief – recalibrate your purpose – undo your life residue – your own Life Library
  • Reconnecting – get ‘slide and glide’ happening internally, and have Dai Mai reconnected with the Bao Mai – wombspace to heart. The three heater ‘food factory’ is cleared of all blockages, so life nurturing is assured
  • Living Ligaments I – realign the structure via womb positioning
  • Living Ligaments II – forwards into the complications that being mal aligned has created – especially with the attempts to override and free change (medical interventions) and life catastrophes – plus a look into all matters male
  • Healing the Mother Within
  • Holistic Healing After Abdominal Surgery
  • Holistic Healing After C Section
  • Healing the Wounded Healer turns attention to why and what – for you
  • Teacher’s Training = after HWH . .as we need to be clearer – ever less conditional and more open to midwives and others