How is this work different?

Holistic, muli modaility, multi lineage, multi dimensional, transformative energy body aligning.

  • Holistic – all of a being. Every layer – the physical manifestation of a soul, encased in a body. Traveling in this space and time.
  • Multi modality – an inclusive approach – based on Heather’s decades of being a natural health problem solver – a health detective – ensuring that no stone is unturned – searching for why and when ‘it doesn’t work’ and discovering why – moving blockages to healing – as bodies are designed to do.
  • Multi lineage – across the times people have studied, honed/ distilled their own systems. There are multiple cultural traditions within many ways of knowing – world wide women’s wisdoms.
  • Transformative – this happens – often swiftly – change.
  • Energy – based within the context of Heather’s life long searchings in the energy healing space – beginning with classical acupuncture – encompassing all of who we can be.
  • Body – always grounded in the physical – structure determines function.
  • Aligning – we are designed to be perfect – retrieving what is missing, undoing the life residue, allowing the stories held within to be released .

We are living in strange times. Strange things are happening as the body and the space we live in become ever more cluttered – filled with what the body is not geared to manage. We may have realised that we need to become less dependent and more responsible – for all stages of our lives. From here – you may also have become aware that the time for specialisations is over. To survive and thrive – we need to be global thinkers and visionaries.

Starting with self. Whose responsibility? What is our intention, out commitment to excellence, our way to empowering ourselves, our loved ones a those who we are tasked to assist? 
Does the old model (fee for service even?) work? For whom?- Life takes precedence over ‘medical’. By taking charge – allow the crisis managers/rescue team to work within its own scope of practice. Prescribing chemicals for profit is not health enhancement and in these times – we need to find what always worked in our forebears times and without superstition, go back to nature.

We acknowledge that we are the ‘Thems’ who seek assistance – by now we are all distressed and in need of realignment.
All are one.


Always us first.  Undoing what may have caused a stagnation of flows on any level of being on this plane allows us to experience difference. We may not enjoy being the disruptions felt on physical and emotional and spiritual levels – of being warped. In seeking change, it is only when we undo that which this was set up to clear can the healing/free flow begin again.

We always begin with undoing ourselves
Using the 7 ‘L’s’

1 – Light (We may have forgotten we are all Light – here having a human experience in forgetting/Free Will.

2 – lineage  why we are here – the survivors gave us the wisdom – are we using it?

3 – Liver – all that is from my acupuncture knowings. . . all levels . . a life paradigm

4 Lymph/ 5 -ligaments
We cannot be in a body unless the fluids flow and the ligaments hold our space – supple on all levels  bending as a tree in  the breeze. Or snapping under trying to stay in control (it is NOT safe to be inflexible)

Lies  (whose benefit do you subscribe to??)
All that holds you back – maybe start with – not good enough (for whom?) Body needs help/can’t heal itself . .

If you do not stay in control you will be – through fear  . .

Back to

We may have forgotten – we are all of the Light
Here held in a mammalian wrapper we are all a droplet of Light


Stepping up and rising above the ‘little wills of men’ is what drives me to share this work – and the initial website I had designed was around the Antakarana meditation clearing work.

I found this on my path to undo why my own daughter was in her state – and we with her.

It may also light up your way . .
more on the meditation work that begun the moving of my training focus from moves and techniques to a more integrated human paradigm is found here.

We are ALL Beings of Light. True healing begins when we can step outside our ‘middle circle’. The personality cage programmed for us to be ‘self’ to be here. To be the ‘self’ to even be on this age – you also may be questing. Regardless of how you begin in discovering this work, we start with self.

An online extensive self awareness pack is a pre requisite for all my work.
We then segue into undoing the programmes – what ‘it’/life/any given situation means to us.  ..


The Gentling Way Self Care and Gentling Trauma Relief online modules are available for any/everyone.

A taste of the Life Rescue work found within is here.  All is based on the Life Recipe – what we need to be here.
And – the three circles – the body, mammalian, physical  is how we stay in this dimension. You may be driven to help ‘conditions’ and physical hurts. All this work has the energy (Qi) framework embedded. See more here. Undoing our own inner libraries of hurt and how/why we (on another level) set this up, begins our own path to clarity.

We all need to be in the best space we can be for this work. Prior to the lock downs, my teaching package started for all – regardless of past experience and ‘qualifications’ in a formal sense – on looking back /into ourselves.  We start with the Gentle Selfing workshop. All needing to have meetings and trainings through Zoom (so much of my work is to be accessed in small groups as a bonded tribe) we explore the vastness of being human. 

We acknowledge the need to let go our own beliefs and assumptions to go forwards clear. Selfing Discovery and the constancy of change we now all face – becoming ever more real as boundaries are drawn between conscious and followers of a programme that becomes ever more global  SOME of us are standing for sovereignty.
Let us clear out our own energy fields. Life residue that becomes sticky – more on this here.

In addition to learning acupuncture from an inquisitive forwards thinking chiropractor, all courses I chose enhanced what was the foundation of my patience and perseverance in ‘righting wrongs’.  Knowing there were so many more pieces of the jigsaw than any one ‘modality’, and needing more than one person’s prisms and filters, I explored anything that came my way over the next four decades.
As a former Arvigo Self Care teacher . .
I try to get all my students into this work also as it fits so well with my content.
We all respect all traditional medical content. The Maya work, or any conscious belly or body aligning  is a great path into the Gentling Way

Those who have been on this face to face and hands to heart journey with me will be grateful to know that Australia will be the other home of this body of work. In times past I have seeded it in France, and Germany, USA. We will see how those who have experienced these gentling ways can rise up to the challenge of forming their own pods and ripple The Gentling Way – out for all others.