What is Gentling?

A system of accepting and working with/through the layers of being to allow the true essence and spirit to flow through.

Where did it come from?

Gentling originated through Heather’s curiosity – when things that were supposed to work did not.
Answering always a burning question
‘why not?’ is always my quest.

Gentling is the culmination of Heather’s decades of being an inquisitive natural health detective,and practical clinician, encompassing all that allows the basics of life to flourish.

Gentling Incorporates:

1 – Awareness of there being more than the human consciousness at play in all things.

2 – Natural rhythms of life – through the seasons of a day, a month, a year,  a life

3 – Classical acupuncture – Light and energy bodies, grids and  pathways, auric, nadis and what creates/blocks these.

Based upon 5 Principles

  • Flows have to flow
  • Body remembers everything that has ever happened to it
  • Energy follows thought
  • Structure determines function
  • Body heals itself (when allowed to)

Blockages that we may need to clear internally

(As well as communally)
– on our path to the Light.
As such – there are layers of societal influences

Healing is about change – as is life.
All flows ..  .
When stuck, creates stagnation (pain), through festering (inflammation) towards inactivity = death.

Moving Blockages to healing

  • Sexual conditioning that all we perceive to be cleared,
  • Bio medicine – up until now has been the ‘default’ setting – and has its roots not in altruism but retail industries
  • Pharmacology – as an intensifying (sourcerer’s apprentice) of what is freely and abundantly here to assist us – botany.
  • ‘Research’ (as a means to ‘validate’) – outside of real life to funnel all into disbelieving nature and lived experiences.
  • Personal discreditation – inner self talk – leading into “What would I know”/”I’m not good enough”.

Heather Bruce

Specializing in returning your body
to perfect functioning