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The Gentling Way 

Why ‘Gentling’?

 It feels better

When was the last time delicate touch was used to soothe away your hurts?

So much of what happens to us is not gentle and we hide the results of our trauma away. Over a life, this can fester. All the while interfering with natural flows and life force.


The Gentling Way approach is surprisingly effective for anyone

Rather than forcing change in something that is asking for help (body warnings), we can gentle you better.The physical body is run by processes initiated in the energy fields that we all have.Energy follows our thoughts and beliefs, our bodies ‘seize up’ when they are not allowed to work as they are meant to.Essentially The Gentling Way undoes what has happened to stop your body healing itself. So it can again.

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Declutter: Inner Feng Shui

On every level you may be carrying residue from the past. It may well be time to take a look at your inner cupboards/libraries that have been left ‘for later’. Much like the kitchen fridge.  What is supposed to be temporary storage may have become a permanent damming up of potential space.

Founder, Heather Bruce 

Heather graduated from ACA (Sydney) and ICOM (Netherlands) in 1978. Working as a naturally inclined health care professional in all modalities supported her acupuncture passion. Concurrently raising four children spaced over 18 years, led to her working with high -risk multiparous women in a closed sect in NZ. By reinstating past common sense principles in this population (also reflected in her urban Australian one) have seen massive shifts in health gains.

Adding in traditional healing ways that she has sourced from central America (Maya/ Arvigo®) – picking up snippets along the way (Mercier method recently), she is reconnecting what has been lost – the simple hands on/heartful ways to restore health and happiness- reconnecting Bao and Dai Mia in those who seek care.

“She never felt so FREE.”

A happy client of the Gentling Way has noticed miraculous changes in one session.

Learn how you can create transformative changes in your life as well as your client’s.



Health can be defined as ‘the body/soul’s ability to adapt to change’ (Heather Bruce 1981). You have to flow with the ‘punches that life throws. And rise back up to the top gracefully.

The process of retaining sovereignty (independence and able to retain this as a being is that of active homeostasis. All of life is in a state of change. (The light/night cycle; being hungry and full’; the seasons of the year, going through the monthly cycle as a woman, the life cycles conception to death – our own aging; the replication of life through the generations).

When you try to keep all under control – life can’t flow. On any level. Eventually you may feel as though YOU are breaking – ‘tension’ and ‘stress’ cause pain and body troubles.

These show as body warnings. Eventual health and wellbeing/body breakdown. You may then see a medical professional. Before needing to do this – or after it has not helped you return to vitality and zest, visit Maja to correct your flows.

At every phase of life allowing your circulation to flow will ensure no pain, no bloating, no fluid retention, no everything else your body warned you about. The key to health is circulation

Under Gentling Way practitoners gentle touch they will explore with you what has dammed you up.

Some of the reasons you might consider booking in a visit (besides wanting to unwind) are:

  • Stress/fatigue and all adrenal/metabolic challenges
  • Weakened immune system
  • Always feeling the cold, catching cold and never feeling well enough to enjoy life
  • Digestive issues and disorders, such as labeled to be irritable bowel (IBS) , reflux, gastritis, constipation, heartburn, GERD, or indigestion
  • Muscular tension, aches and pains, structural distress, fibromyalgia
  • Twisted pelvis and past broken tailbone
  • Misplaced/malpositioned uterus and other organs
  • Frequent urinary infections or incontinence
  • Scar tissue/adhesion repair and
  • Surgical recovery

A Woman’s Body 

When flowing as designed, you don’t even notice that you have a body!  If you are blocked in any way, the flow Of Qi (energy), lymph, blood and nerves messaging around your body will send out ‘repair’ even ‘stop that’ warnings. If you do not – problems begin. ‘Hormones’ are blamed – these are messengers. Messages say? Drink more water, sleep more – go for a walk – and we may choose to ignore these. It is your choice to ignore or correct before they grow into bigger problems. These warnings left unheeded – lead to the changes we do not like.  Maybe showing up as anything other than perfect monthly bleeding with no indications (past easy blood loss) that it is even happening.

Your monthly cycle is merely your health report card.

Why are these happening?

  •       Menstrual cycle disruptions and distress
  •       Endometriosis, cysts, fibroids and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  •       Bladder infections/incontinence
  •       Pelvic/sacrum pain
  •       Prolapse through weakened or damaged muscles
  •       Scars and Adhesions
  •       Menopause related symptoms


A woman’s body at its peak easily makes perfect babies. Naturally. Enjoy the best pregnancies, the easiest births and love being a new mum. Contented healthy happy baby assured.  Why hope for the best? Let us together make sure that this it happens.

All aspects of the Gentling Way will help you return to glowing with life in pregnancy the best you have ever been – leading into then being the most happy, healthy for the rest of your life. Find out more when you visit Maja as the Life specialist!!  

This includes Leaving Well Alone (following biology to unfold as she can and does perfectly when you allow life forces to flow). Traditional wisdoms found within the Maya /Arvigo® techniques, pelvic/perineal steaming (sometimes called yoni steaming), the use of moxa and many other Gentling Ways will be used.

Body is not happy for you to feel any of these – let Maja return you to health. You will benefit from Maja’s ongoing caring throughout pregnancy and beyond.  Any warning signs your body might throw at you – as digestive, structural and emotional distress, and any pain or discomforts can be easily realigned into easy pregnancy.

  • Nausea/vomiting/’Morning sickness’
  • Heartburn /digestive distress
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss/spotting/bleeding
  • Back ache/sciatica – however severe
  • Pelvic pain/pubic symphysis disorder
  • Carpal tunnel and other fluid related conditions
  • Energy and mood fluctuations
  • Post C- section care 

Men Matter

We all have fathers, maybe brothers, maybe sons, friends, relations, lovers and partners. We can all lovingly touch each other at home, in pregnancy, and at any stage of our shared lives.  We all feel. We all get blocked in feeling. So often it is the wife, girlfriend or mother who suggest seeing anyone who understands that men matter too.

Remembering that any pain, stress and dysfunction that is a warning that has been ignored until now has let us together uncover how you can help yourself with any body challenge or life problem that may presently seem insurmountable.

The Gentling Way is designed to take the layers of life residue apart at the speed that the person and their body is comfortable with.
This may be as little and as profound as you find it.  

You will feel very differently upon leaving.
Often lighter, taller and as though your body is working in a way that is so natural that you can’t feel it.

The gentle nature and soothing caring ways within this work provide a relaxing environment through which anyone may find a healing.

  • Easy life support
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Digestive
  • Muscular skeletal problems
  • All leg and circulatory distress – of any description
  • Chest and breathing woes

Men specific:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Prostatitis – frequent urination, inability to urinate easily
  • Male vitality impairment including ED – erectile dysfunction
  • Sperm quality challenges
  • Loss of feeling in any part of their being especially sexually related.
  • Loss of connection – to self and to others.

Feeling Stuck?

Are you feeling disconnected and ‘out of sorts’ or maybe just stressed?

Much like a river when the flows or currents are not flowing debris (branches and sticks) dam up in one spot. Possibly becoming stagnant.  Maybe you, like the stream or river, need a good clean out. Gentle flowing touch can easily restore lymph flows. Your body will remember how it was when as the blueprint before life got in the way.

Let us undo the residue that has stuck your flows – stopping vitality – before anything else falls over – and you really DO have a problem – one that the medical tests can find.

Whatever clogged your system – operations, having children, incidents, accidents – let us together unwind this tangle.

Staying blocked (lack of motion), our E-motions can not be/are not expressed well. By not expressing self: suppressing irritation and frustration, this grows to become anger. Botted usually. It has to go somewhere – and it does. It is internalised and attacks you.  

We hang on to what we feel we can’t let out.

We instead take the civilised (impotent) approach. We get depressed and anxious and suffer mightily from attacks of rage that we block and that wrecks our lives. Also creating all the period and the gut and the TMJ and n-migraine and other common ‘bread and butter’ complaints that all other therapists see you for often.

Free/release yourself!!! Or – fester as rage. Blow up as fury.  Much like a volcano. Sometimes every month.

We may see this manifest as

  •       Depression or moodiness
  •       Headaches and migraine
  •       Abdomen – Bloating and feelings of discomfort
  •       Digestive – IBS, sensitive and leaky gut
  •       Muscles and Tendons- Pain and inflexibility
  •       Menstruation – PMS, irregular or painful periods
  •       Pregnancy – more likely to have complications
  •       Breathing – sensation of not being able to take a full breath
  •       Sighing a lot
  •       Tooth grinding, nightmares, sleeping disturbances,

Stuck Liver Qi is really just that you’re not flowing.  I can help you discover your flows so that you will be more in alignment with what nature intended for you at your life age and stage.


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Declutter, Reset, Restore

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