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In the Gentling Way we allow the release of whatever has been holding the tissues, and the body – hostage. The structural rigidity that screams out ‘help!’ shows up as postural and apparently ‘aging’ changes that you may (or maybe not) be aware of.

Increasing levels of pain (body messages to tell you to pay attention) and overall distress may get accustomed to. Did you know that you can free yourself from what holds the patterns of ‘stuck’, to become supple – not only in form but in self expression – again?

Life experiences also . .
Need digesting . .
When we can’t – it lurks – often disguised as ‘trauma’.
Unlike the housework, clearing out the fridge, rubbish removal in the shed and sweeping away what has landed on the floor, we may clean the skin layer of the body – but . .
There is so much more.
Assuming that we can ‘digest’ what happens to us, we could use that we then clear what we do not need, using only what we do.
Not so.
The hoarding of what is to hard – at the moment – or that which we have no tools to deal with – yet – may, without an occasional deep cleanse – become who we are.
(All the levels of crud on the body).

We live in our bodies. They naturally work when we live as simply, and as naturally as they were designed to. Undergoing changes as we grow, maturing into the adult form – then using the habits gained from our elders (those whose ways worked a survival of the fittest is the rule of the jungle) we set out to explore, experiencing what we are drawn to – or that which is set in front of us. The residue – what we found unpalatable – were it food – would be vomited back, ejected somehow – or taken into the gut to be processed and discharged having taken what is needed out and repurposed. Such is a gut – the food factory.

What to do?

Intentionally set out to declutter yourself. Of all layers.
This may mean – undertake to discover your role here – what lights our fire, sets your heart singing? Most likely that holds the key – you – the driver now in the driver’s seat. Headed where? Undoing your life library cluttering up the clarity of what is perceived.

Now we may reset (as in an electrical gadget) back to the ‘factory settings’ and restore ease in living .

Touch therapy – and the laying on of hands has been used forever in all traditional cultures.

In the Gentling Way we allow the release of whatever has been holding the tissues, and the body – hostage. The structural rigidity that screams out ‘help!’ shows up as postural and apparently ‘aging’ changes that you may (or maybe not) be aware of.

Increasing levels of pain (body messages to tell you to pay attention) and overall distress may get accustomed to. Did you know that you can free yourself from what holds the patterns of ‘stuck’, to become supple – not only in form but in self expression – again?

The physical body is your vessel. You live in it. As the expression of your life flows, your mission on earth even – it is dictated to by what is stored there. Shock, unresolved life knocks, shadows of emotional responses, expectations unfulfilled, habitual reactions: all ready for release – when you move past what is holding them in.

Residue from a seemingly endless bunch of incidents: trials and troubles ending in more challenges: operations even – may need undoing. Realigning you back to your blueprint will gift you grace and ease.

The Gentling Way is a nourishing blend of modalities combined to return you to the state of harmony and balance.  When  we feel safe, subtle yet profound changes emerge.


Why gentling?

When was the last time delicate touch was used to soothe away your hurts?

Release what is really not moving – and thus is holding YOU hostage . .

Too often a forcing approach is used to undo

what is actually there as protection.

Maybe let your body/soul choose when and how it lets go gracefully . .

So much of what happens to us is not gentle and we hide the results of our trauma away. Over a life, this can fester.

All the while interfering with natural flows and life force.

Stored shock/trauma MUST be gentled to allow the structure to go back to where Reichian armour bands are holding it hostage – stopping Qi and Blood flows.

It feels better

        We get deeper


                    Feels right

Why not help nature heal you?

Soft touch, gradually unwind yourself. .


How did the Gentling Way come about?

After working with people in deep distress for decades, I saw what was happening and changed what I did . .So many people have not had the chance to heal – to repair. At their pace. . So much is caught up in trauma.

I was answering my own burning questions. After being an acupuncturist 40 years ago in the middle of Brisbane city – the average person had two choices – change or suffer. Now there are pills/ surgeries/ options that micromanage. Still two choices . . .change or suffer. So many people are in the business of playing with your suffering! (And STILL saying ‘put ICE on it’ – when in fact you need HEAT to allow flows and circulation!)

Back then it was the local acupuncturist all went to. (Not even to the chiro – or physio).

Acupuncture as taught then was highly effective. It was suffering and pain removal – and we were trained to do this exceptionally well. Admittedly – life was easier also. As a very young starter (24 years old when I opened my first city practice) I had a body that was made wonky. Until I went to Arvigo /Maya abdominal training I was very regularly seeing physical therapists of various modes. Also sending my patients out to them – and their being hooked into the revolving door . . . .I stopped as they are not working where it counts – the womb needs repositioning and all else follows – all those rotated hips?
Mis-aligned uterus is the key – and how? Gentling it better

Why we keep going is the body is being held hostage – and when we undo what is the magic key – different for all – then the blueprint reestablishes itself.

Too simple really!

For decades sending people off to see whoever would do that bit I could not (I built up so many practices for others – and they eventually had those seeking help with me continually seeing them indefinitely – not helpful to them – or me – but to the one maintaining the status quo.

I wanted more. PLUS – my patients needed more than the come back and see me routine that the physical people were into. sub contracting almost. A revolving door situation is not what we expect with our cars and the mechanic. ..

What changed?
Me undertaking the Arvigo/Maya abdominal training in 2014. Just as when I was at acupuncture school – what I heard and did with it was not as intended – or as others did.

I heard a different version of life and took it on – differently. From there after integrating all I had been up to before – I carried this into Mercier moves and remembered then a lot of work I had stopped doing – that previous to Arvigo I had – so added this back in.

We now have a dynamic way to dramatically alter most people’s ongoing battles with themselves. . .

These moves are so simple yet profound. . The woman below had been in agony for 17 years following an accident within her car, where stopping suddenly caused a large crate she was transporting to crash into her neck. A very different whiplash. I do NOT treat the whiplash . . but why the body did not heal.

After using 2 easy processes – she was able to turn her head so her ears touched the pillow – not for 17 years had this happened – obviously some stagnation in channels to be relieved!

I teach these in the Reconnecting Bao and Dai (Heart and Wombspace workshop) – is essential to clear what is blocking healing. The polyvagal quick clearance and the Accident Recall sequence – that lead to this woman’s LOSS of pain and neck movement – after 17 years of nothing else working – as this is permanent – as we get to the cause/root – we do not play with the results of being stuck.

We do get in a state when the ‘stuck’ is stored.

We can hear from the medicos (who so often say ‘we don’t know’) . . only limitations

“you are too old” –
“this is to be expected”
“that is just how it is . . “

These are only stories. – Why believe them???
I have been there – being told these.
As a person, a mother and as a clinician –  I do not take ‘no’ well.
Maybe you do not either?
You want to work with nature and heal?
Maybe holistic multi modality deep work is needed?
Intensively diving into what has set you on a path that you want out of.

What a recent recipient said:

“Today I had the pleasure and wonder to experience Heather’s Gentling Way. Heather’s Gentling Way, as the name suggests, is very gentle. The soothing touch of the treatment relaxes the body and the mind, bringing in the recollection of grandma’s touch and mystery of that love. Although the technique is super gentle, it is extremely powerful in loosening ligaments and tension in the body, especially in the lower back and pelvis. I experienced the evidence of this during the session while lying on the table, and it was magnified when I got up and I could feel the space and ease in my body. The gentleness and non invasiveness of this technique makes it suitable for children, and younger and older people alike”.  (Herself a very sensitive Ka Huna worker). This mother of 4 above (all C sections) who wrote what is below felt her top half would fall through her pelvis it felt so open down there – and wondered why we even bother with any head childbirth education (including Hypnobirting) now she as an in-tune body worker could feel the space she felt – all through exceptionally gentling ways . .

A Gentling Way practitioner says –

“I have been working as a practitioner for the past 12 years.  I started my training in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine and during those years completed many other trainings along the way. I meet Heather in NZ in 2009 and worked alongside her in her Chch clinic, she introduced to me to her ‘What Dads Can Do’ and early foundation work then.

‘It wasn’t till 2016 that I have found myself mentored by Heather, attending many trainings with her in Brisbane, NSW and NZ as well as many one on one sessions via phone calls. Her Gentling way training taught ME to get out of my own way. A big focus has been on undoing my own inner library and letting go of my own stored trauma.   Every training I have been to I have arrived back home feeling like more layers have been peeled back and with that I feel myself become more useful as not only as a practitioner, but as a mother and a human being.

I know today that I am not the same practitioner i was 2 years ago before undergoing the transformation in to a Gentling Way worker. . I have learned to think differently, to question differently and change my hands on approach. To really feel with my hands and heart what it is that is happening for them.  I can hold space now with confidence, whether it be tears that my client is letting go of, or frustration and anger. Release – to heal.

By creating visible, palpable change – everyone notices shifts throughout  the session. They always comment on how much lighter, brighter and taller they feel at the end. I am thanked after every treatment with heartfelt appreciation.

My tool kit has got much bigger as has my respect for nature and biology. Returning to wise woman’s wisdom, having awareness of how to help the body to let go of what is holding it hostage has been such a valuable learning experience. It doesn’t matter who walks into my clinic space, or how complicated their list of medical issues are I always know where to start. The basic foundation moves are always needed. I use them on everyone, regardless of what therapies they may have had before coming to me. I believe everyone benefits from a Gentling Way Session, the work is so wonderful to those with scars and adhesions. Especially when nothing else so far has worked to return to balance.

I have loved all the training I have done with Heather via online , courses with face to face delivery and real time hands on clinics and the ongoing mentorship has been invaluable to my practice ” Maja Cairns.

Another practitioner – again a body worker who has 15 years of skills now consolidated  .
The Gentling Way has given me more access to help more people in a way that is both gentle, effective, and allows me to go deeper, safely. Without Heather’s Gentling Way skills, I would not have had as much access to help some people. In the past, I found that I was stirring up all kinds of healing crises, where now, it is extremely rare to get to this. 
Because the work is gentle, clients and practitioners are more comfortable yet the Gentling Way allows me to go deeper with my current belly training such as Arvigo® therapy.
In the past, some have been in so much pain that even being in their energy field or at lymph level, brings them extreme discomfort and anxiety. Heather’s Gentling Way has given me tools to work with this gently and effectively.
Why would someone with Arvigo® want to do The Gentling Way?
The work of Dr. Rosita Arvigo® and the Techniques of Maya Arvigo® Therapy are amazing and a solid foundation for any other kind of abdominal/ body care. I am deeply appreciative and grateful for all I have learned with that technique. However, I would strongly suggest anyone who wants to deepen and expand their healing practice skills to go onto Heather Gentling Way. 
My experience, has shown this deepens the Arvigo® work. I have found that The Gentling Way, work lasts even longer and my clients are much more comfortable in the process of freeing the obstructions in their body.
‘Happier clients and practitioners with less healing crisis, with everyone more comfortable and going deeper in the work, with improved  longer lasting results are a win for all”.  Elizabeth, Brisbane

Everyone I have used this amalgamation of moves on – say there is more space in their pelvis 

(They did not know they did not have it there).

They all feel (including the 9 year old I did some of this work on recently) as though they are taller.
Standing up straighter – her mum actually was not slouched and stood up almost bouncing ..


Old surgery and adhesions? Hopeless case?
Not under the Gentling Way . .
And  . .anyone can do the simple and effective homework on themselves and others as you are taught many wise woman;y gentle ways to take this further for yourself and loved ones.

That turtle shell you are carrying does NOT have to be your home

What are we to do?

Undo the STUCK in your life. .

(Let it go) Taking out the tension as the uterus is realigned.
Necks/backs/sciatica – my work is NOT all about the baby making – although that to is transformed when we get the blood and lymph flowing.


It all starts with Self Care

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