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Why ‘Gentling’?

It feels better

When was the last time delicate touch was used to soothe away your hurts?

So much of what happens to us is not gentle and we hide the results of our trauma away. Over a life, this can fester.

All the while interfering with natural flows and life force.

Why not let nature heal?


Soft touch, gradually unwind yourself. .

How did the Gentling Way come about?

I saw what was happening and changed what I did . .

So many people have not had the chance to heal – to repair. They are sold on an idea of needing someone to DO something – not allow the undoing of what is messing with their own normal.

They come to see me in a state. Often having heard (and read online) about the worst that can happen . .  It often is – disempowerment.
Did you know your body needs different messages to do different things?
Allow nature to return them to a state of balance and harmony.
Each successive intervention brings with it its own body distress – adhesions/trauma

Too often a forcing approach is used to undo

what is actually there as protection.

Maybe let your body/soul choose when and how it lets go gracefully . .

What a recent recipient said:
“Today I had the pleasure and wonder to experience Heather’s Gentling Way. Heather’s Gentling Way, as the name suggests, is very gentle. The soothing touch of the treatment relaxes the body and the mind, bringing in the recollection of grandma’s touch and mystery of that love. Although the technique is super gentle, it is extremely powerful in loosening ligaments and tension in the body, especially in the lower back and pelvis. I experienced the evidence of this during the session while lying on the table, and it was magnified when I got up and I could feel the space and ease in my body. The gentleness and non invasiveness of this technique makes it suitable for children, and younger and older people alike”.  (Herself a very sensitive Ka Huna worker).

This mother of 4 above (all C sections) who wrote what is below felt her top half would fall through her pelvis it felt so open down there – and wondered why we even bother with any head childbirth education (including Hypnobirting) now she as an intune body worker could feel the space she felt – all through exceptionally gentling ways . .

Good question ..
Come in before pregnancy and at any time and undo what you have been carrying about.

We do not know what is there waiting to shift .


Everyone I have used this amalgamation of moves on – say there is more space in their pelvis 

(They did not know they did not have it there).

They all feel (including the 9 year old I did some of this work on last week) as though they are taller.
Standing up straighter – her mum actually was not slouched and stood up almost bouncing ..

That turtle shell you are carrying does NOT have to be your home

What are we to do?

Undo the STUCK in your life. .

(Let it go)

Taking out the tension as the uterus is realigned.
Necks/backs/sciatica – my work is NOT all about the baby making – although that to is transformed when we get the blood and lymph flowing.


It all starts with Self Care

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Declutter, Reset, Restore

How the Gentling Way evolved