Pregnancy back pain – GONE!

Maybe with us – 30 minutes 

As I was teaching a group of ladies in a community where babies are the major event – and we were teaching midwives and health workers there – it was easy to magic a ‘cure’ – I got them to do it. Work on her themselves – from what we had been practicing on each other.
From 2 days hands – on training!

How come so quick?

We are following life and letting nature take back the reins. After my 40+ years of being an acupuncturist – and as one who teaches others how to deal with hard pregnancy cases – this was too easy!
Move the lymph and unlock the sacrum.


‘So simple Heather . .’

Yes it is . .

She was 26, 3rd baby – 35 weeks – and in horrendous pain – as she had been since she over-lifted when 11 years old. The pain had never subsided and now in pregnancy – a huge cost to sleep and comfort.

Where was the structural problem? Was there even one?
Lymph – we call it Damp in TCM /acupuncture . .
Congests and stops flows ..

Without my ‘best friend’ moxa even – not even taking cold out of her belly (her bum very chilly) we proceeded – as this was what the class was about . ..

Beginning always on the back

Breathing better happens when we undo the heart charkra and the Stuck Liver Qi.


The sacral work


Followed by the chest gouging


Then the ’round and round’ the belly

Diaphrammatic release


The inguinal gouging


When we did that she was amazed – all pain gone.

Plus also relieve any body and pelvic and pubic pain . .

Why not take out what is happening – stagnation – and once flows flow – no pain ..
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More explained in the Self Care course available here

In the meantime – get to with those loving fingers . . .