What to a Gentling Way session is like

Different each time and for each person

Nothing you have felt before – we could go anywhere – no starting point.

Where you are and where we begin is what is happening for you now.

The fusion of so many tools and modalities garnered from over 40 years of my life experience of being a teacher of acupuncturists seeking out more ways to work with blockages gently, and from all corners of the globe.

Melded together into what I feel you may need now.

We will explore – from the intake sheet how simple events may have triggered a life  of woes – ad how best to approach will depend how your body shows me.

Reichian armour bands . .

Please read this and ponder – how is it that no one goes into what is being stored?
The end results are plain to see . .

The essence of Gentling is thus – we invite your being to let go.