Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace/Recovering Our Food Factory

Answering   . . .

Why your body/belly gut (thus body/life) not happy?

Working through the Triple Heaters.
Clearing what holds the body hostage.
Gentle visceral alignment
Ensuring optimal lymph flows (damp/phlegm eventual cancers happens if not)

Objective: UNDOING BLOCKAGES – to allow the Qi to flow through a body unimpeded.

Undo trauma – it is stored forever after.

Until we feel safe enough to let it go.

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Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai 2020

The threads through out all this work are:
Energy Follows Thought
Structure Determines Function

The body remembers all that has ever happened to it
Flows must flow

The body can heal itself.  We discover the role of lymph, and of ligaments, clearing adhesions and scars on all levels to allow the body to do what it can again.


Working through the heaters


Learn the simple moves the at allow instant clearance to upper body, and link to increase of strength throughout the entire torso.



Soothe and gentle your gut.

Allow previously tight armour bands (creating all that gut distress) to open.



Exit to the outside.

Allow all that needs to flow south to do so easily.

Prerequisite online components

Self Soothing – Belly Calming’
Perineal Steaming