Gentling Way Self Care course

Focus: self exploration: all about YOU


This workshop provides deeper life awareness from the world wide wise women’s traditions incorporated into Heather’s Gentling Way.

We begin living as an energy being, tangled up in a web of experiences and stored life residue.

We uncover how this impacts upon the physical structure (that itself then determines function).


Release the old hurts that have bound you into STUCK and unhappy

‘Hormonal’ and menstrual issues finally made different sense of, and let go.


Two and a half days.
This is experiential – we start the inner journey and deep women’s sacred circle.
Perineal steaming (if not bleeding, or pregnant or have a device within you)and body work will be included.
Please bring along your open heart and mind, your courage and your sense of humour.

Expect inner shifts.

Prerequisites – Online Courses:
• “Self Soothing – Belly Calming” and
• “Perineal Steaming”

Ideally you are also concurrently enrolled in the Trasnformational Healing 6 month programme that allows entry into the T.H. Affiliate system – including the ‘Advanced Tools’ (more than hands) option.

Completion of Gentling Way Self Care  could be a pre-requisite for Reconnecting Your Heart and Wombspace. Ideally you would attend all that is on offer.