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About Heather

Heather Bruce, is a mum and a grandmum – and a teacher of healers. . .

Heather initially trained as a classically trained hands-on acupuncturist.
She concurrently studied (unusual even now) as a naturopath and a Western herbalist.  in her quest for helping her then baby son avoid any family health issues she felt he was likely to, she became the only pregnancy orientated acupuncturist in Brisbane from 1979 – for nearly 20 years – well before there was a need for such as ART – IVF etc. . Her Follow Nature strategies worked – as he – unlike his dad he was not/is not asthmatic, and still has a very dense, healthy head of hair – a marker of great Jing (constitutional vigor) – unlike all the men on both sides of his heritage).

Heather now extends her reach into very gentle modalities touching realms working with spirit and with love. She has always been at the forefront of very ‘left field’ techniques, combining them uniquely into heartful hands on transformative energy body working.

In her time as an energy worker using her own version of meridian based acupuncture and vibrational tools, she has discovered ways to gently realign the various bodies we inhabit.

She has been researching and working for over 40 years at the interface of pain and suffering. Her path of materally based excellence took her into her own life deviation at the birth of her then massively brain injured baby daughter –  born over 30 years ago. Her efforts to heal this within her own life meant her stepping up into many different skill sets most have no awareness (or possible need) of – and all of benefit when orthodox (as it did for her and her daughter) fail.

From her humble maternal beginnings, Heather now has a widening international base of healers who seek the wisdom afforded one who never gives up – and who will perservere in searching also for answers in your quest for health and wellbeing excellence also.