Training Schedule 2018/2019



Beyond/besides needles for the acupuncture practitioner. . .

A senior acupuncture mentor/course designer and practical multi modality clinician’s ways

through the modern mire.

A pathway go deeply release what is ready to be shed – in your own life. Into health yourself.

PLEASE NOTE – you do NOT need to be a ‘health care professional’ in the bio medically trained ways – as this is all about LIFE not death avoidance. Yang Sheng – Nourishing Life

All starts with Self Care

Your life is in your hands

Regardless of what style or modality we use – we MUST look after ourselves. Also as a role model. So many courses seem to work on the surface – all in the mind. Yet when we ignore that we ourselves have been called – often deeply – and to ensure we follow through – often with more apparent wounds than those who seek our help. Still wondering why?

We may need by now some personal solace and be offered an alternative way of modeling the healing. As the ones to do the work we can also get to experience what we expect those seeking us.

Generally all starts with online.
The Gentling Way Self Care course as a 2 day experiential assumes that you have done the two online courses – at least in part – Self Care and Self Discovery.

The practicals – can begin with the pelvic opening or the Living Ligaments – ideally at least one weekend practical is done to attend these.


Practical Course Explanations:

Opening the Pelvis work:

All of these cover the same basic moves.
Allowing better Qi and lymph flow.

2 day workshop hands-on to experience how we can radically and subtly change all that was before – the congestion/stagnations of Qi and lymph thus blood flows ease under your hands. Anyone can. Must have completed the pre course online component to arrive to ensure we deeply delve into how, and what to do in as many cases as possible – so YOU understand how simple pelvic opening to life flows is

There are 4 more in this series – and will be offered in 2019

1 – Painless Pregnancy and Easy Birthing

If women are well and well supported they are capable of being healthy happy bonded mums with robust resilient children – no medical needed as nature and life expect no less than this.

2 – Girls to Women Easy Puberty/Easy Periods/Easy Sexuality/Easy Fertility

3 – Broken Bellies  – all incidents/accidents /operation recovery

4 – Mature women’s business

5 – Men Matter


GW SC – Gentling Way Self Care – 2 day experiential

Working on/with yourself within a group of loving supportive participants who are on a similar journey. Reframe all that was ‘The Story’ onto the reality of being called and being here on this planet at this time  and together with like minded souls . . . out of reactivity from personality and back aligned to Self.

We can activate alignment in many ways .

None more powerful than through our own Shen filled heartful hands.

Working on others.

Living LIgaments series

LLI – Living Ligaments 1:

3 day experiential & hands-on.

A journey into hands on repairing of the torsion, the breakages and the past fractures in flows from a more physical level – the ligaments need their own healing journey – through what causes them to NOT be supple – NOT be amenable to being shown where their blueprint would have them. NOT forcing – The Gentling Way is all about releasing what is stuck What Lies Beneath. In its own time. Deep emotional/spiritual healing as part of the structural realignments instantly possible.

Covers –

Basic Suspensory ligamental work, allowing the uterus to return to optimal position

  • Mal positioned uteri, missing organs and how to undo adhesions,
  • Lymph and blood flow
  • Gyno visceral corrections, inspired through the Maya and the Mercier work.
  • Basis diastasis and belly calming

Living Ligaments II (Releasing Life)

3 day experiential – and hands-on

Restoring normal where it may never have been.

Working on others. The progression follows as you become proficient at the level you are working with.


  • Prostate correction,
  • diastasis
  • prolapses,
  • most pelvic congestion and
  • sacral problems

Living Ligaments III (Opening the Baby Gate)

3 day experiential – and hands-on

Working on others.

The progression follows as you become proficient at the level you are working with.


Wondering where to start?


The Transformative Healing package includes the entry into Pelvic Opening – whatever version being presented – they have different support information – all with the same moves
For this you get an instant NEW focus on your job – you can be working VERY differently in anyone who has a stuck pelvis – and improve their sexuality/pain / plus all gyne/pelvic and urinary plus all lower back and leg circulation issues. . . everything really . .

Let me know if this is something that calls you.
We are a small tribe and will enrich the larger we get . .




Not sure?

You do know that you want more.

You do know that you LOVE dealing with people and only feel alive when doing so
BUT you may (as I am ) be wearing out?
need a change?

Burnt out is not the answer – changing tack is . .
We who have worked off our apprenticeship in whatever form (and being a mum is one of these) may wish to become the elders


Here is the total trajectory. . Heather’s Gentling Way-tota

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