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Training opportunities

Heather’s short cut trajectory

Starting where I have been – and taking as long as you need.
It did take me 40+ years to bring this all through – and there is maybe no substitute for living it.
This is a journey through the entirely different style of treating the person on all levels concurrently by listening into what has happened gentling – undoing as you go – what is ready to release.

Using as many tools as you can.
Often it DOES look like ‘boots n all’ as I go about the transformative and the stepping on all landmines/poking the bear.
Many feel it.
Some say I channel.
Whatever happens – it IS profound.

Here is what to start with . .

Online self paced work
Experiential offerings

  • Do you have a feel for having this where you are? (NZ)
  • Let me know  we have only 6 in a class.
  • I cater (I can if needed bring my own) and at least one assistant is with us. .
  • Location to be quiet, respectful to nature and safe for all of us to be all of who we are. .
Online self paced work

Ideally also attending an Arvigo© Self Care class.

Leading into the next major retreat (5 days) June in Maleny, Qld

What some have said of this class . .

Why would you?

I have been traveling the globe uncovering world wise women’s wisdoms . .
I have amalgamated it all into one holistic courses – to undo all that grieves us – thus allowing our own lights to shine that brighter.

(It is NOT just a matter of having bought/attended classes, but having lived it).

Being the work . .

   we grow . .        


Maybe just get started. .  .
There is always something that gets triggered proving all along its path . .

What practitioners have said about the courses

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