About the work:

The Gentling Way is respectful.
This is about Sustainable Humanity and the future.

Focus – mum and baby centred. Their future is about this now.
NOTE – to be having ‘fertility’ challenge means nature is saying “no” – find out why.


About you:

I expect all undertaking this course of self-discovery and group service to be:

  1. ‘Kick ass’
  2. Not guru followers.
  3. Prone to going off on tangents
  4. Able to use their own ‘gumption’
  5. Who are possibly also already a hands on healing tool – using Reiki, polarity therapy – something
  6. May have come into acupuncture (not essential to have come from an energy background through their hands – Shiatsu or similar.
  7. Not be averse to completely changing all focus as needed.
  8. Not be tied into dogma, what is ‘safe’ and what appears to be where the world is heading.
  9. Who can accept that the personality is not their driver and the at they may well have BEEN CALLED to do this – so much so that they can not NOT do it. AND WHO . .  .

Find what works – every time!!!

        We are all evolving   .

Thoughts from a 2nd year acupuncture student

‘I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers whom have freely shared with me their passion and expertise. Having attended a vast number of different workshops varying from auricular acupuncture to initiating neurological tremors in the body to release trauma stored in our physical structure, it amazes me at how simple or how incredibly complicated we can make medicine and healing with various approaches and protocols. For me, effective healing is not just one thing or modality, it is a collective of wisdom applied to the unique individual.

‘The Gentling Way approach combines a simple and sensible approach which allows healing through recognition of our blockages, taking out what is not meant to be there and nourishing the body thus allowing the body to restore itself to health (homeostasis). It is not focused on the name of the disease state, but rather that the disease state is a reflection that we are not in a state of health and initiates the movement towards a state of health through understanding.

‘Healing is made to appear so complex. How much of this do I take, when do I take it, but someone else said, don’t do that, it is not going to work! In my pursuit for finding the “right answer”, the “cure all”, I continually found myself applying intellectual concepts which had limited results. Frustrated by this I searched for a model which considered broader aspects than just a specific measurable indicator or standard approach for a particular disease.

‘I then stumbled across the Gentling Way which was profoundly what I was searching for and continually reminds me that healing is unique to the individual and can be so simple.

‘Take out what is not meant to be there, understand the physical blockages we create in our bodies and provide the conditions necessary for the body to thrive. Healing is just like gardening. The gardener doesn’t grow anything, only creates the conditions for growth to take place.

‘For me, the Gentling Way merges all of the basis tenants and concepts I have learnt from my previous studies and practical experience, and combines them into an instantly applicable framework with directly observed results. Not focusing on disease, but the unfavourable conditions preventing a return to health.

‘Living the Gentling Way with my wife and taking responsibility for our own health, we have seen remarkable changes at both a biological and relationship level. It is as though sub-conscious barriers that separated us are being eroded and deepening our relationship. I am a believer of what works and I am passionate to share this knowledge to assist others with their healing journey’ . David Brisbane”.

Thoughts from an apprentice . .
“Have many of you had questions on how to deal with difficult pregnancy cases? I have been working with pregnancy moms for the last 5 years. I finally found a person with the solutions. Heather Bruce
‘All the books and the online information I have found until Heather, were not very effective. I had an extremely difficult case, a pregnant mom with heavy metal poisoning, severe pelvic pain, suffering from heartburn and insomnia. I used all the points I researched in my books and online and it DID NOTHING. I was not able to shift her condition in the least. I reached out to Heather Bruce, and she replied to me right away with solutions that were simple, practical,which involved moving energy and getting the mom the proper nutrients she needed. My client’s pain improved.
‘This was a pivotal moment in my practice. I started taking all of Heather Bruce’s courses, which are not just about women’s health. They are all based on life’s medicine, how to help people heal and transform. Not restricted to TCM. But to energy and vibrational medicine. It has been all the information I was seeking while I was in acupuncture school. This is vital information that I would love to share with the community. Especially, for those of us that work with women’s health. And want to learn about acupuncture and energy medicine.
‘Her online courses are amazing. The Transformative Healing Package has golden nuggets of knowledge. Heather’s 8 extra courses are the reason I went into acupuncture school to become a healer. A shaman. A person that can show people how to transcend where they are in their lives and moved past it. These will be the best spent few hours of your life. And will shift the foundation of your practice to be built anew. I feel like I have waited my whole career for Heather’s information.
‘Here is her website for the practitioner courses
Enjoy. If you have any questions please reach out”.
Anyone – anywhere.
Hands-on experientials to go with the online self care beginner’s courses start in a few weeks.
Massive shifts for you first. – Carine, L.A.

Ask yourself:

  • Did all traditional cultures/our forebears pay attention to the biology and have faith that their bodies and nature would work?
  • Be prepared to have all past information thrown out as you discover for yourself what really works.
  • You will be challenged along the way with what you may have yet to burn off from within.
  • Expect change – that is where any healing happens

Declutter – get rid of all that no longer serves you (defragment)

Reset – back to ‘factory‘ settings (turn off)

Restore – the blueprint (and turn on again)

(We will all end up as

holistic multi modality transformative energy body workers).


Heather’s short cut trajectory

Starting where I have been – and taking as long as you need.
BUT – you have been called to be here.
What are you waiting for?
It did take me 40+ years to bring this all through.

There is maybe no substitute for living it.
This is a journey through the entirely different style of treating the person on all levels concurrently by listening into what has happened gentling – undoing as you go – what is ready to release.

Using as many tools as you can.
Often it DOES look like ‘boots n all’ as I go about the transformative and the stepping on all landmines/poking the bear.
Many feel it.
Some say I channel.
Whatever happens – it IS profound.

Here is what to start with . . All with Self Care

Get yourself clear – start with energy work – maybe Reiki?
Vibrational healing – whatever you feel drawn to
( I have used Aura Soma for the past 29 years) Also all that Kaliana Rose has brought through – the DNA coding, the clearance from hierarchy is invaluable).
Maybe start linking into your Soul purpose – however you are drawn to.
I found the Antakarana work to be my salvation.

1 – Online FIRST . . .

(To get you where we can play with the work)

All that I have done for eLotus (this is where your CEU will come from)

Self paced, instantly downloadable – start now . . .

This is essential for anyone serious about alignment and lymph flows – hence Qi movement.

Not just in women’s lives and maternity. Undo all the structural shifts that the body workers are missing.

Always Self Care first

Self Care and Self Discovery instantly soothing.
Instantly useful in your own life and in clinic . .
Regardless of what style of acupuncture or other modality you may use.

Transformative Healing package holds both of these are PLUS the energy trajectory from TCM dogma to meridian energetics and undoing life residue (esp all the scars) for others..


2 – Hands – on

Experiential offerings

A snippet . .

Pelvic Opening

1 – Painless Pregnancy and Easy Birth and Beyond

Let the Body Unwind Itself

Living Ligaments II

Pre requisite – all of the above


What used to be . .


Self Care Gentling Way (2 day weekend with the Self  Care package to go through before we start.

PLUS Transformative Healing and the Living Ligaments I

Payment plan offered – let me now what you can do if needed.

Transformative Healing


ONLINE option – no hands on touch therapy included.

Transformative Healing (TH) includes Self Care and Self Discovery (as well as Ethics 2016).
The $3K plan gives you these PLUS Self Care Gentling Way (usually $550) and Living Ligaments I (usually $1500).

The TH affiliate programme (to come) is an interactive coaching programmme – done for you – in the style of all that has worked over my 40 years developing this.


Allows you to access all the membership courses – for patients and practitioner as extras

1 – The Natural Fertility Detective – a 13 week getting Baby ready work

2 – The Natural Fertility Coach – taking a couple through why they are not getting well enough to be pregnant

3 – The Natural Pregnancy Coach – a biological pregnancy – from week 1 – 46+

4 – The Natural Parenting Coach – again – as a primate and a mammal – biological not ideological

5 – The Natural Health Coach – really – how we would be when survival of the fittest was playing out.
PLUS the tutorials and the FB mentoring  we are still setting up the sites and courses and will be for a while.

The first group in gets the in flow though the automation and all the ‘bells and whistles’ intact – but you get the info and can make astonishing changes whilst learning and growing yourself – PLUS you are able to begin the teaching rounds as you get further ahead – you can ripple this out to the others coming after  .

I am handing over as wise women always did.

In Australia – the Transformative Healing package covers all your CPD (including Ethics) for the year

We are now in you being here with me (or my trainers territory)


(6 days over 7 days . .)

EXPERIENTIAL – (Self) The Gentling Way Self Care Other (3 day weekend) –


Living Ligaments I (Undoing Life Residue)


Undoing the twisted pelvises and broken sacrum/tailbones/’Stuck Blood’ in belly/C scars


Living Ligaments II, (Unleashing Optimal Life Flows – correcting all pelvic blockages)



  • Living Ligaments III (Opening the Baby Gate)


Healing the Wounded Healer (NZ 4 day retreat)



3 – Post course mentoring

(Closed FB tutorials and help as needed as well as bonding with classmates)

Online self paced work

Why would you?

I have been traveling the globe uncovering world wise women’s wisdoms . .
I have amalgamated it all into one holistic courses – to undo all that grieves us – thus allowing our own lights to shine that brighter.

(It is NOT just a matter of having bought/attended classes, but having lived it).

Being the work . .

   we grow . .        


Maybe just get started. .  .
There is always something that gets triggered proving all along its path . .

Training schedule

All starts with Self Care

If you are interested in the entire mentoring package please contact me
Love to have you join the tribe.

We are all about connection and the FB mentoring sessions –
Tutorials of your hard cases – will allow you to be with peers on their parallel journey.

Sound like a plan?

We are setting it all up . .
When it gets automated it will be vastly more expensive – and just as worth it.
get in a-ahead . .
There are the Self Care, Self Discovery and the Transformative Healing packages – all your points for a year including the Ethics 4 hours . .if interested . .

OR maybe you just want a new way of seeing all who walk in as ‘hard’ or tricky.