Who is seeking help?


When we start something we may not be totally clear 

Here is some assistance with this – for both practitioners and those who seek their help.

We are not aware of what may lie beneath.
Here I seek to clarify
In Light
  • Responsibilities
  • Intention
  • Commitment
  • Empowerment

1 – Responsibilities

All need to be made aware (as we are) that it is THEIR life that we are interfacing with. We can have no idea what lead them to this life, this place – and this now.

We – the facilitator of change – will provide the most gentle, and the most respectful way in that we can. We are not aware of what may be released. It may be gentle and it may be a surprise. Within what we can control, all will be peaceful. All will be safe within what we CAN control.

Often life throws up the unexpected.

Please expect this.

Go with Grace . . .
Lightful always


2 – Intention

We all intend to do good. There is no malice here. What is blocking the body from its blueprint may have been deeply embedded for a good reason. From whatever time through how ever many ones to get to this now. Across generations and dimensions.

The Gentling Way allows the body to take back its sovereignty.

The personality may not feel/be comfortable. The body is the final decider. It is within its temple we live within. The personality is not ‘in charge’ ultimately. It may have felt hat t was all through its choice – and it may be a big distraction/ distress to many to have to let this idea of ‘control’ go.

The soul force can return – in a new form to live out the intended – it can/will come back again. The appointed task this time around has been set in motion. They are on a journey – and we are their next stepping stone. 

3 – Commitment

How much is the change desired by the one who finds you?

Desperation leads people to seek help.

It is THEM who need to make shifts in their lives.

The body has finally said ENOUGH!
(See also all that Dr Gabor Mate has online – start here ‘When the Body Says No’.
Bodies try to repair themselves – they are designed to heal.

Whatever ‘instructions’ (see below) that are blocking this are now the issue – not the ‘problem’ that the person is seeking help with.  

This is the best way – as the desire to be different is a great driver of results – they may do as asked and live differently – as they know what is ahead if they do not. Their nebulously wanting to and trying to hand over the job will not give the best – if any lasting results. This means the worker will /can only do what is possible – given that we are not living in the life or the body of the one who feels currently broken to ask for assistance.

Choosing to NOT do as requested – may not give the results intended/expected.

4 – Empowerment

Your life

Your choices

I/we can only guide, light a light – you walk your path

Not sure about this new world?
None of us are.
My new rider – as T and C