• Bachelor Health Science (Chiropractic) -2012
  • Master of clinical Chiropractic 2014

    Continuing education:

    Chiropractic related:

        • Applied Kinesiology, Neuro Emotional Technique


      • Professional Care Training,
      • Traditional Maya Approaches to Body, Mind and Spirit – Introduction

    With Heather:

    Acted as an assistant several times as Heather taught the Arvigo Self Care course I myself had done with her to begin my Maya healing journey, many clinically practical relevant workshops and Pelvic Opening for easy birthing one.

    Living Ligaments 1


    My Story

    What really was happening to get me to do this.

    After many years of my own abdominal pain I was constantly searching for someone who would work on my belly.

    This was difficult to find and then I was referred to Heather.

    My life changed.

    Not only did I get relief from her body work but she also acted as a significant mentor as the new practitioner I was.

    She initially guided me to the Arvigo techiques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and then onto her own specific teachings of the Gentling Way in which will be life long learning for me.

    What attracts you to this work?

    As I was originally a client of Heathers I have experienced myself receiving the healing this work can offer.

    It is so nurturing and you feel completely held and supported whilst the body is allowed to heal.

    I remember my first experience of the Steaming and how Heather created the perfect blend of herbs for me and allowed me to sit and steam overlooking her beautiful garden.

    I was safe and I was able to just be me.

    It is a soothing experience and very calming.

    I find the steaming has a releasing effect.
    Releasing of tension that’s stored in the body.

    I love that this work is all about the individual.
    It’s about holding space, using many different tools to assist the patient.
    It’s gentle and nurturing and there is time in the sessions to allow people to unravel.

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