Formal Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Nursing – QUT (1996)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) – 2010

Continuing education:

With Heather:

  • Reconnecting the Bao and Dai Mai;
  • Gentling Trauma Relief,
  • Perineal Steaming,
  • Living Ligaments I.


  • Qi Gong Meridian Therapy – Gregory Williams;
  • Foundations in Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture;
  • Japanese Meridian Therapy Seminar with Miyawaki Sensei;
  • The Wisdom of Master Nagano with Shimamura Sensei;
  • Traditional and Modern Cupping with Bruce Bentley;
  • Spinning Babies Foundations;
  • Reiki Level I.
  • Co-presenter of ‘Tools for Natural Birthing’
    – a workshop for mum-to-be AND their birth partners.


After allowing an emotionally abusive relationship in my early twenties, as part of which I chose to have two terminations, I experienced a depth of emotional trauma that resulted in the triggering of the autoimmune condition Ankylosing Spondilitis – an arthritis that characteristically effects the sacroiliac joints and spine.

After many years of misdiagnosis, and then limited options for management, I had the awakening that my condition was aggravated, if not caused, by my retroverted uterus creating pressure and anomalies in structures through my sacral area.

For many years I have tried different therapies to correct this, yet nothing truly addressed the problem in a deep enough way that would allow any physical changes to ‘stick’.

Upon finding Heather and her deeply important work, I feel I have finally found the ‘end’ to this story. Heather’s work addresses the emotional as well as physical scarring left from years of inflammation, and gives me a light at the end of this journey.

Coupling Heather’s gentle yet profoundly moving approach with Acupuncture and the other healing modalities I employ has seen wonderful shifts in the way I approach each client, and the deeply satisfying results we are achieving in the clinic.

Freeing and balancing the uterus and pelvis has added a profound depth to the work that I do, and it thrills me to see people hopping off the table feeling freer and more flowing than they have in years.

Structure determines function, and it is my sincere wish that I can help others find the path to healing of body, mind and soul as I have myself – through deep exploration and acceptance of the past, nourishing the body and mind with the right ingredients, and deeply moving body work to help undo the ‘life’ lived.


Banora Point, NSW

0413 672 160