• Bachelor Health Science (Acupuncture) -2005
  • 2 x Advanced Diploma Health Science (Acupuncture)- 2004, 2007
  • Certificate IV Remedial Massage (Oriental Massage)- 2003
  • Completed through Childbirth International
  • Certified Labour Doula – 2010
  • Certified Trainer for Childbirth International- 2011
  • Diploma Childbirth Education – 2013
  • Certified Post Partum Doula – 2014
  • Certified Breastfeeding Counsellor – 2014

Continuing education:

With Heather:

  • Connected Midwifery,
  • Practical Fertility Solutions,
  • The 8 Extra Meridians,
  • Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai,
  • Living Ligaments 1

Birth related:

  • Active Birth,
  • Natural Pain Free Birth,
  • Creating the space,
  • Motivating partners,
  • Empty Arms- dealing with pregnancy loss


  • Turning Breech babies,
  • Understanding and treating Menopause,
  • Treating Unexplained Infertility in Men and Women,
  • Foundations and Advanced Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture,
  • Five Element Acupuncture,
  • Paediatric ShoniShin seminar,
  • Integrated Synergy Therapeutics,
  • Psycho-Emotional Mastery,
  • Vibrations of Health and Illness,
  • Master Tung Master Class

My Story

After significant birth trauma with my first, I was naturally drawn to supporting women through pregnancy and birth.

When my eldest was about 6 months old we moved from Melbourne up to Brisbane.

During this time I stumbled upon Heather and her work and was lucky enough to shadow and learn from Heather for over a year in her Brisbane clinic.

This time strongly influenced the way I work- with many techniques still being used on the majority of my patients (everyone loves a good sacral wake up and moxa fan!!).

It also had me thinking about how I work in an entirely new and exciting way.

Nearly 11 years later I came back in contact with Heather and after hearing about the extensive studies she has completed with a number of influential abdominal massage healers I wanted to learn more!

One of the most significant things I take away from this work is that gentle is the way forward.

There is no point trying to force the body to do something it isn’t ready to.

By offering time, space, safety, and support the body is able to gently unravel and go back to how it is meant to be.

What attracts me to this work?

What I love most about this work is that every single patient is different.

Every person who walks through my door recieves a unique treatment tailored specifically to them.

I love how gentle, subtle, yet amazingly profound this work is.

I love continuously growing as a practitioner, learning new techniques and tools to assist my patients, as well as building on my own knowledge base.

I can’t ever see myself getting bored of this amazing work!

My Clinic


– April Wood –
Registered Acupuncturist
Nurturing Life
1/1579 Burwood Hwy, Tecoma 3160
Ph: 0420 371978