Melissa Maller

Phone: 0482016705

Formal Qualifications

  • Ad Dip Nutrition
  • Ad Dip Naturopathy

 My story

I love people… my nature is on the quiet side which means I am more comfortable connecting one-on-one than in a crowd, but this has made me skilled at observing people; their body language, the way they hold themselves, facial expressions and changes…..

Born and raised on a cane farm in FNQ at the foot of a mountain, I was blessed to be raised in a small country town and spent a great deal of my childhood outside in the fresh air and hot sun, and we grew a great deal of our vegies too. Unfortunately like most farming back then there was a fair amount of poisons, fungicides and sprays used and at times the environment was less than ideal.

Various factors led to the diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis at a young age and there began the first of my healing journeys. Made more noticeable by my dancing, I fully experienced inflammation’s effect on the body and state of mind. Blessed with a mother that wouldn’t quit, she believed something could be done for my health, that diet may be involved and set about finding a solution. Thus my first naturopath. And with the remission of the UC, my intrigue for the body and all things health was born.

After studying my Adv Dip’s alongside my husband’s various businesses, we started a fitness business together. Life was busy and my studies slipped… but the experience we gained through that time was invaluable to how I work now – we learnt how peoples personalities work and how to treat within the framework that suited them best, and we created a beautiful safe space that our clients felt at home in which in turn helped to create an incredible and close community  – it was through this time that I learnt ‘it takes a tribe’ – the business embodied it.

Through the fitness industry, and with the strains of my husband’s health issues, I nearly gave up building a business as a naturopath. I felt that what it had become for me fell short of what I wanted I and expected it to be…. like only 1 leg of a 3-legged stool. It felt like a clinical recipe/ protocol. And maybe I was not working with the right clients….

Once I found Heather’s Gentling Way, I knew this work was the light I was looking for. A deeper understanding of the environment, what goes into the body, what happens in the body energetically as a result of these things, and then how to set up the body as its blueprint had intended, and how to move though the physical these problem areas that had arisen through the course of that individuals life in order to bring back to that intended blueprint. I had come home. I could finally embody and provide the work through my hands and knowledge that my heart had always wanted to give to others.

I do this work because I can’t not….