I fell into . . . .

My story

Having been involved in predominantly women’s work since my initial clinic in Brisbane city in 1979) – as the only female working central Brisbane for years) I attracted those women whose bodies seemed to be failing them – along with anyone in chronic pain – as back then this was not something that was able to be fixed without needles and moxa use.


Hands on

Unusual for a classically trained acupuncturist (or any form of energy medical health care worker) I was taught the acupuncture by a chiropractor.

He was the only fertility specialist in Brisbane pre IVF.
His primary focus was in correcting uterine positioning.
His teaching of us held a lot of the soft tissue viscera work, adhesion breaking, lymphatic moves, prostatic drainage and joint mobilisations that I assumed all taught acupuncture knew.
Patently not so.

My playing with this work researching patient by patient . . I added in what made differences on all.
Cupping the cold from the navel (old people’s ways from China via Dr John Shen), rescuing the yang using navel moxa afterwards, chest and rib gouging, Stuck Liver Qi Release, Diagrammatic Release, sacral moxa fan, sacral release work on into pelvic opening.

Belly work followed when I discovered the Maya/Arvigo ® work – I added in to my foundational moves – more various slow lymph clearing moves. The addition of the Maya/Arvigo® and the Mercier work has meant I now offer Living Ligaments as part of The Gentling Way.

My personal maternity intervened regularly.

Sacred sexuality work beckoned after my 8 year intensive working with my own full time home based trauma – rescuing my vaccine injured massively brain injured, then profoundly autistic, ten lost vaccine injured all over again now adult totally dependent daughter. We have all had lives. Residue is left.

There was more.
Being a new mum – as the impetus to begin the acupuncture and the concurrent naturopathic and Western herbal training, I found whatever energy work – Reichian release, Rolfing and all flower and gem and crystal essences, Aura Soma, Reiki and Sekhem/Seichem, leading me into the Anatakarana meditation and the various clearing ways that come through being a multi dimensional healer.

Vibrational Healing

Also the channeled remedies from Kaliana Rose –

“Heather guided me to place the drop of Bao Mai essence to my finger, connect it to my Yintang 3rd eye, then bring it down my midline until I reached my uterus. I did this then sat quietly. Moments later, ‘boom’, as my heart felt as if it ignited with fire. Another moment, then ‘boom’, same in my uterus. Wow, Bao Mai connection re-established! The channel was treated from the spiritual level. This is Holistic healing. Ana, Auckland.

Since then, I have been using this essence for women (and men) in my clinic. It is really beautiful. Just this weekend I got my patient to do the same Bao Mai pathway opening with the essence topically. It immediately released her trapped tears.

Another time the essence was used in a ceremonial way while sitting around a campfire. There ended up being 4 of us women together. All having just met for the first time that weekend in this small festival. After throwing a substantial amount of mugwort (fertility herb) into the fire, I was moved to give everyone an experience with the Bao Mai essence. The first woman used it. After that, the fire roared more than double its size as she released a lot of past from her uterus regarding 6 miscarriages into that fire. She had her eyes closed as this was going on and was asking the remaining 3 of us why the fire is now suddenly hotter? As you can imagine, the 3 of us were excitedly telling her, it’s you! A few months later – this woman is now pregnant! Ana, Auckland.


The Gentling Way offers you an opportunity to open your heart to soul filled hands-on touch energy work.
It all works!!

What some acupuncturists have shared with me.

“Watching  you work on the eLotus – Easy Babies 3 patients was intense. It was honestly the reason I avoided fertility all these years. Especially IVF. I always had this feeling that something was wrong with it, and in watching the EB 3 I realized that my intuition was correct. I’m so saddened by the state of people’s consciousness around birthing a child as if it was a commodity. However, I found myself working with pregnancy and over the last few months fertility patients started showing up. And I asked for guidance and your work came into my life. Thank God.

‘I am so excited, honored and humble to one of the women to learn your work. It is quite amazing. I love watching the clients transform before my eyes. It is powerfully life changing. I am also excited to take the Arvigo course next month to add to the mix”.
Carine LA

“I am doing myself out of business – women ring up with Hypermesis and I tell them what to do whilst waiting for an appointment – and they ring back as they don;t need me – when they stop creating the problem! Same with ‘inductions – I let them know that they are getting in the way of baby coming – and they go into labour when they do a few simple things”. I now love my work again – as I am seeing instant results, and everyone is happier”. Teri Kaitaia, NZ

Here is the essence of it . . .

“It is too simple.
No one seems to get it .
We just tell them what they are doing wrong – they stop doing it – and then they don’t need us.’ Christine, Brisbane

Want to also become a teacher of this brilliantly simple healing modality?
(You do not need to be an acupuncturist – no needles needed – some are not )

A note from someone Maja, Cairns – a Shiatsu/Moving Blockages worker for the past 8 years and now a Gentling Way practitioner. “My husband wants to know what magic you sprinkled around on me. I feel amazing, greatly reduced pain, i’m laughing and happier. You truly are an Angel. God bless you!

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