Gentling Way Self Care

A novel idea?

Give to YOUR self what you gift so easily to others?

When is it YOUR turn?                                                            Now .  . ?

What got you into this business  – and why are you still here?

Warning – this is experiential

Please put your own mask on first . .

In fact – let us undo our own trigger spots and ‘what it mean’ – so we may be clear channels

How many courses might you have done?
We pretend we are ‘above’ and ‘beyond’ what those who pay for our care are up to


Let us in safety and mutual care – undo our own selves.

NOT Scary – essential

In clinic – we do not have to get tired/angry/triggered – we are able to be there for others – and most importantly – we can also undo why WE choose to be in service.

Gain self sovereignty

Gain yourself  back

Find out WHY you can’t access past a certain spot – and why the return to were you were keeps on happening.

This three day event takes you into undoing your own story – using the pre requisite pre course tools from the Self Discovery course to allow you to access more of who you have been/will become.

We travel far into within – into which may be holding you hostage.

What can you release?
We will start the inner process back to joy.


Life flows. . . .
Where Light goes

Where else?

  • Staff from all walks of healing lives are currently being trained
  • As more Step Up to take on this journey
  • These will open up to many different places in the world
  • Lighting other’s lights will be a huge ripple on effect

only 10 per class.

If you are coming from afar – you can stay locally in air bnb’s.

What do we do?
We go deep – and undo what is blocking your joy

Day One – Reframe what ‘Life’ and being a person’ is.

Day Two – Delve into Your Story
Undo what is stuck in the layers

Day ThreeJoyfully emerge more whole

What next?

Gentling Way Self Care is a pre requisite to going on to the Living Ligament stages I to III

If you wish to learn more, please contact me

This is FUN . . .
Come in and become more of yourself.

These are being held to assist out of the catchment area participants.

LL I is to be held in Brisbane a day after the Gentling Way Self Care introduction – we look at us before we face outwards to ‘help’ others.


Where next?

Click here to see Heather’s Training Schedule


Gentling Way Self Care is a pre requisite for the Living Ligaments series
see here for more.