Elizabeth is a healer, an educator, a story teller, and is passionate about helping others be their best selves. When Elizabeth was a little girl others used to tell her about their most painful, personal stories.
As a child she didn’t understand much of what she was hearing about until much later. However, she continues to hear others stories with compassion and without judgment. Elizabeth was also someone that people and their pets would line up for touch and body work long before she had any formal trainings…
In her late teens she lost her grandmother to uterine cancer and nearly lost her own womb in her 20’s to server cervical dysplasia. On top of all that, she also had PCOS, constant constipation, and a retroverted (backwards) uterus. Today all of those issues are healed and she has learned amazing tools along the way healing herself and working with her many clients for over 15 years in some top wellness clinics around New Zealand and now Australia.
Today with a multitude of body work and other wellness health practitioner certifications (remedial massage, energy medicine, pelvic floor care, doula, and abdominal therapies to name a few..) and over 15 years of in clinical experience on the front lines of wellness, Elizabeth is prepared to assist with most physical/structural issues.
She is specialized in abdominal and pelvic care, and one of the few teachers world wide in Arvigo® Abdominal Therapy and The Gentling Way™. Elizabeth calls herself a Womb Wangler™, meaning she is trained to help gently and firmly reposition the womb in it’s proper location, when it may have wandered to some where not so comfortable with in the pelvic space such as squishing one’s bladder, leaning back too far, or leaning directly on blood vessels and nerves, causing mischief/discomfort within the body….
Whether someone comes in with a retro-version, painful endometriosis adhesion’s,  random unexplained belly pain or anything else that can happen with the womb out of proper position, Elizabeth maybe one of your best options for assistance.
She is gifted in unlocking adhesion’s and restrictions in the abdomen, back, and sacrum helping others live pain free/ physically free lives. It’s worth noting, belly work is also great to help release stress, trauma and PTSD in the body, all of which Elizabeth is very experienced with, with men, women and children. When the belly is free, often the mind and rest of the body follow as well.
In her personal time Elizabeth enjoys learning, being in nature, and studying martial arts.
Formal Qualifications
  • Bachelors Degree Environmental Economics and Management, Maintained full academic scholarship 3.4 GPA, and intensive Portuguese language studies and exchange program, The University Of Georgia, Athens, USA and Brazil. 1998 – 2003
  • Gentling Way Practitioner, New Zealand & Australia. 2015 – Present
  • Arvigo® Therapy Institute, Certified/Advanced Practitioner & Self Care Teacher, Level 1, United States, New Zealand, and Belize. 2014 – Present
  • EmbodyBirth™ Teacher, New Zealand. 2016- Present
  • Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Therapy. 2017 – Present
  • International Association of Alternative Health Practitioners. 2006 -2007
  • White Winds Institute of Energy Medicine, 1st year graduate, Roswell, GA, USA. 2003 – 2006
  • The Matrona Doula Internship, USA & Peru. 2009
  • Toastmasters, New Zealand. 2017
  • Circus Arts & Aerial Dance Training, USA. 2007 – 2013
  • Martial Artist, Quantum Scientific Research, Tao Shield, New Zealand, 2013- Present
Further Experience
  • 5 years experience holding workshops, public talks and demonstrations, including holding 2.5 day long workshops and group teaching of over 200 participants.
  • Field and lab tech in the jungles of Puerto Rico, and 3 years experience working in a laboratory environment.
  • 9 years experience small business experience as a managing partner in manufacturing, factory resourcing, selling, shipping, logistics, project coordination/liaison, and expo set up and take down. USA, Canada, UK, & China
  • Basic film and professional audio recording, directing & editing.
  • Swim team, and open water swimming, 3 years experience.
  • Familiar with horses, English riding training, 15+ years exp.
  • Familiar with basic farm practices and plants, including some landscaping .
  • After school tutor.
  • Extensive world travel and work.
My Story
I’m a dynamic, curious, and adventurous person. I really love learning about new things, new people and new places. From an early age I was both fascinated and drawn into healing arts and drawn to many healers and schools. I was the little girl in school that the psychics, shy, abused/hurt or misunderstood came to. I’ve heard so many stories from others my whole life. Actually people still feel compelled to tell me their stories, even strangers on the street. I’ve also had people and animals my whole life want to sit in my company and receive touch, even though I like to keep to my own space too.
Personally, from early on, I was plagued by digestive issues and later female issues, to even issues with my pelvic floor in my 20’s that required surgery. I’ve had pcos, painful periods, a retro-verted uterus, and chronic constipation throughout most of my adult life. I needed healing as much as those seeking my time and care. Fast forward many life experiences, a few surgeries and many trainings and certifications later, and I now find myself in Australia, at the Life Alignment Center in Brisbane. I’m from the USA, have lived in New Zealand for 5.5 years and this March 2019, I am about to call Brisbane my new home. In a previous, life (not talking past lives here, just what I did before I became a full time healer :-)) I have been a circus performer (I will always love and be drawn to the arts, all kinds) to managing the shipping of containers and factory inspections, relationships and project coordination between Chinese and USA firms. However, no matter what industry I have worked in, or what I have done in the past, I have always been driven to leave people and places better than they were found.
Now, with all my previous health issues, listed above (my uterus now sits forward in the correct position), healed through all the tools, trainings and learning’s, I’ve been through, I now focus on helping others achieve their best wellness. I’m passionate about others being their best selves even if that means I need to move people along to someone else better qualified to help in the moment. Because I am well connected in the health industry and have had so many experiences and exposures, I quite often know the next best person or program to help people along in their journey.
Why I became a Gentling Way Practitioner
The Gentling Way chose me and now I choose it. It’s an integrated whole life approach system / conglomeration of many modalities and wise way traditions that is both gentle and holistic. I love how this process includes and incorporates body, mind, and spirit. We are an ecosystem as an organism and quite often, especially with today’s constant ‘new’ health disease or crisis popping up, the best way to return to health is to look at all areas of one’s life to find the solution(s). I love how this modality is gentle and goes at each person’s own pace, no forcing or pushing, which in my experience forcing quite often causes more issues! We can only heal as fast as we are able and that process is unique for each person. I have found the Gentling Way the fastest, safest way to help clients return to their balanced, natural well state of being and results tend to be more permanent, especially with client compliance to lifestyle upgrade suggestions and continued self care on the client’s part.