Gentling Way Practitioner

Sylwia Moore 

Formal Qualifications

Gentling Way Practitioner, Living ligaments 1 with Heather Bruce, Painless pregnancy and Easy birthing and Beyond with Heather Bruce

Eva Reich’s Gentle Bio-Energetics, Hanne Marquardt’s Reflexology- Level I, TRE Tension, trauma release training Level I

Various skincare courses

Life Experiences

Trained as a translator and interpreter, I spent my early career in corporate world. Having health and skin issues led me to discover, research and learn about different health promoting modalities. Knowing that what we put on our skin is in our blood stream in less than a minute, the more I learnt, the more horrified I became about the maze of skincare ingredients in common skincare products which we use in our everyday life.

This became the catalyst to overhaul our lifestyle and diet. I became so passionate about educating others on alternative skincare routines and ingredients I launched my own skincare company using natural ingredients our grandmothers would have used, ingredients which have resolved my acne and many other skin challenges. I truly enjoy making it and sharing my knowledge every day. 

Why I follow the Gentling Way

My own early childhood experiences led me to look for the answers no one I knew could answer.
Then, by accident really, I discovered and have been trained in Eva Reich’s Gentle Bio-Energetics method and Heather’s Gentling Way.
It changed my understanding of life and myself forever.
My energy has returned, my vitality has lifted, and my enthusiasm for life is remarkable.
All the missing pieces I have been seeking seem to have fallen into place.

Besides the knowledge on how the method works I have learned to respect of our life’s path, beautiful women I meet every day, to admire new life being grown in woman’s body. 

I came to admire how incredible female body is, its shape that we are rarely happy with, its wisdom and adaptability to changing life, strength in life situation, and unconditional love to the life growing inside.

When I was younger I thought it would be just so much easier to live my life in a body of a man, but only after I started to explore who I am and where want to go I started to admire and love my own body, who I became and lessons learned through out in a female body- now I couldn’t be happier and more proud to be a woman.

That’s what I want to help you explore and enjoy the body you were born in.
That’s what life is all about, learning, exploring and having fun on a way.
Let’s have fun together finding out who we are and why we are so special.

My passion

I’m passionate about showing you how simple methods have a profound effect, I’m here to help you explore and love who you are, enjoy every single second of your life in this beautiful body you have.

My mission for life to serve women in their life, help to assist in perfect life and pregnancy and deliver healthy babies so they can live their lives fully.

Heather’s Gentling Way has been such a gift to myself, a profound transformation in my body and life. There is nothing simpler and more powerful than Gentling Way. I want to share its magic with you.