Maja Betts

Formal Qualifications

Life Experiences

  • Reiki
  • Cert 4 In Shiatsu
  • Cert 4 in Sport (Athlete support services)
  • Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine
  • Chi Nei Tsang – abdominal massage
  • Energetic Medicine (100 hour intensive)
  • NZQA – Acupuncture/Herbs Degree Year 1 and 2
  • Registered Practitioner of the Shiatsu Practitioners Association Aotearoa (New Zealand ) INC 2012, 2011, 2012
  • Fundamentals Phase 4 Ortho-bionomy
  • The Arvigo techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy  PCT (Practitioner Care II)
  • TRE Tension trauma release training level 1
  • Registered member of the Shiatsu Association of Australia
  • Living Ligaments 1
  • Living Ligaments II
  • Living Ligaments III
  • Practitioner of The arvigo  Techniques of Maya Abdominal therapy
  • Pelvic Opening practitioner – Level 1 – Painless Pregnancy and Easy Birthing & Beyond
  • Maternity intensive at Gloriavale community, NZ 2019
  • Twin pregnancy at 21
  • In utero death and carrying of one twin (maternal grief) til I nearly died.
  • 2 emergency C- sections
  • Huge history of paternal and Court interference against my own parenting and abilities.
  • Several D&C’s
  • Long history of menstrual problems after births/trauma associated with pregnancies.
  • Surgery for ablation and hernia repair
  • Hysterectomy at 41
  • Single mother
  • Christchurch NZ earthquake survivor
  • Overcome PTSD


Why I found the Gentling Way

I found the Gentling Way whilst searching for a pathway to heal myself. After having 2 years of counselling to work through years of a life that left me with debilitating medical interventions/several operations  I had some sessions with Heather. This is after years of trying to heal through using other modalities and my learning so many to practitioner level myself.

The lengthy Gentling Way sessions put me back in my body. This gave me the space to unwind. To be able to breathe deeply again. Very much like peeling away the layers of unexpressed emotions and maternal grief that I was still carrying. (Even after all that counseling!).

I could see the way Heather worked with people was unique. She works on opening hearts. To watch/feel her work, and to feel the changes in my own body and heart I knew this was the path I also wanted to travel.

What has the Gentling Way done for me?

Changed my life in a profound way.

Allowed me to integrate past experiences previously been packed securely into locked away  ‘boxes’. They were blocking my life force from flowing. From me feeling. The Gentling Way’s mentoring, content and hands-on learning through experiential workshops has given me the tools I have needed to grow – not only as a practitioner – but as a woman and as a healing professional.

The Gentling Way has greatly enriched me to become more of the practitioner I am today.  Results I get now in my clinical practise are vastly different to what I had achieved previously.  As I become clearer (ongoing self development work I have committed to) so does my understanding to assist and model to others..

After every Gentling Way workshop, my business blooms.

On a personal note The Gentling Way has given me an opportunity to Step Up and reinvent myself. I am so much happier, focused, passionate  and balanced in all areas of my life.

What drives me is my passion to help others restore their own sense of balance.  Working with women who have gotten stuck (as I had been and still am undoing) in their life’s journey, and to help them unblock what it is to find themselves again, and to align with their flows and soul path.
Phone: 0487 220 655 – Cairns