Gentling Way Practitioner

Keren Donaldson

Formal Qualifications

  • Master of Psychology
  • Training with Heather
  • Years of voluntary youth work, and voluntary teaching overseas
  • Training as  Flinch Lock practitioner

Life Experiences

Gut issues starting at a very young age, leading into an exploration of how to function and how to put things right.
Childhood anxiety, which possibly not only caused, but was made worse by get issues. The learning to be brave, and not be fearful about trivial matters – or even significant matters!
Deep spiritual connection to God and the earth. Observing nature.
Began life in a religious cult, and developed into a very devout young lady.

Why I follow the Gentling Way

My passion

Spiritual freedom – the freedom to question, the freedom to just be and the freedom to live in unconditional love.
Healing of body – able to maintain functional constitution, although remain very sensitive to disruption.
Healing of anxiety – have learned to trust the process of life, through doing things I was afraid of and discovering my own ability to show up.