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I would love to still have my luscious garden and healing retreat to teach and help others heal from ..

Not to be  .
I am now in my NZ retreat –
For how long?
We  did a successful distance experiential workshop in March, in 3 locatios.
This next one may be in 9 concurrently – with me on Zoom, you holding the space, and using the online resources I am making available.
We will get so much out of being as one – vision

As the world has shifted on its axis

Now more than ever we ourselves need to look after our own lives and bodies.
This work has to be Self first . .
Then we look outwards to others – with more compassion as we too have considerable challenges.

one is learning this work.
Be assured that we have all had busy/fractured and interesting paths to get to be on this page.
We can’t NOT to do it.
We come from all places and chosen careers – all working deeply at the root of why we are who we are.
Helping you to also.
The online courses are simple, easy and can be used instantly.

The experientials were a pathway to the hands on training.
We have to use the work I have put in over the past 12 years online trainings and some links may no longer work – less perfectionism and more intention is needed in these times.

Those who have attended the Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace may rejoin and go onto the Living Ligaments – if they can commit to the any hours a day (if still ‘locked down’ this may be a Godsend) and then get yourself another body – or 2 to work on (or a pillow if necessary) as we do the course online – in actuality in Rangiora, near Christchurch in NZ) and then for those who have done the LL I – on past times – we go onto the advanced LL II.

If interested – now is the time, as after the next live LLII in early January – I will then concentrate on writing.

This work is subtle, profound you will not be the same again – as we move within ourselves – all of us.
To be able to stand in clarity for others.
Throughout the 6 months so far of being in a different life, my graduates and students have been mentored in The ways of pregnancy complications, sleep problems, and recently pain and what to do to undo it.
We now begin the gyno visceral trainings again in earnest.

About the work:

The Gentling Way is an amalgamation of all I have discovered that ‘works’/ moves blockages to flows in my personal life, and in clinic over the past 40 years. Allowing nature to reassert itself. Not forcing.

Holistic multi modality transformative energy body mechanics

This is a different concept – integrative interaction – the one who seeks and the one who asks different questions of the body to bring through what is need. To be able to, the vehicle/receptacle of the seeker/ ‘practitioner’ needs to be clearer and more aligned with service, and intention – not current acceptable dogma.

The Gentling Way is respectful

This is about Sustainable Humanity and the future

The entry point to enable YOU to step into the Living Ligaments trajectory to become a Gentling Way practitioner is the Gentling Way Self Care weekend workshop.

2020 Total Health offered NOW – intimate small classes in person

Due to these interesting times – we are in small pods to do the hands-on.
I will be teaching distance – from NZ and possibly over the world in at least 6 maybe 9 different locations . .
We have so much online manual pages with video of me teaching and demonstrating – that this is enriches the learning experience.
As always – there is the catching up with concepts and getting a nodding acquaintance with the work – in theory and working in yourself.
The hands on with others
The after care – mentoring/after sales’ service.

See Heather’s Training Schedule
– click here for schedule

About you:

I expect all undertaking this course of self-discovery and group service to be:

  1. ‘Independent thinker
  2. Not a guru follower.
  3. Prone to going off on tangents
  4. Able to use your own inner guidance – or at least be open to this
  5. Possibly already have a hands-on healing tool – using Reiki, polarity therapy, etc
  6. May be a body worker, acupuncturist, Shiatsu practitioner or similar
  7. Not be averse to completely changing all focus as needed.
  8. Not be tied into dogma, what is ‘safe’ and what appears to be where the world is heading.
  9. May feel CALLED to do this – so much so that they can not NOT do it.

What others say of this
Holistic . .

‘Heather was so generous in her desire to pass on her knowledge, so that we as practitioners can really help people undo the damage of a lifetime of living. With a strong emphasis on hearing and healing the whole story, rather than just an isolated complaint, Heather’s work is the epitome of holistic.  I have come away from this weekend with so much information, so many resources, and some amazing transformative tools that I can wind into my own practice start taking things to the next level’.  Tanya – Banora Point

We undo why healing is not happening naturally – yet.

‘‘The Gentling Way approach combines a simple and sensible approach which allows healing through recognition of our blockages, taking out what is not meant to be there and nourishing the body thus allowing the body to restore itself to health (homeostasis). It is not focused on the name of the disease state, but rather that the disease state is a reflection that we are not in a state of health and initiates the movement towards a state of health through understanding.

‘I then stumbled across the Gentling Way which was profoundly what I was searching for and continually reminds me that healing is unique to the individual and can be so simple.

‘For me, the Gentling Way merges all of the basis tenants and concepts I have learnt from my previous studies and practical experience, and combines them into an instantly applicable framework with directly observed results. Not focusing on disease, but the unfavourable conditions preventing a return to health.

‘Living the Gentling Way with my wife and taking responsibility for our own health, we have seen remarkable changes at both a biological and relationship level. It is as though subconscious barriers that separated us are being eroded and deepening our relationship. I am a believer of what works and I am passionate to share this knowledge to assist others with their healing journey’ . David – Brisbane.

We work through following nature – and what was ‘common sense’.

“Have many of you had questions on how to deal with difficult pregnancy cases? I have been working with pregnancy moms for the last 5 years. I finally found a person with the solutions. Heather Bruce

‘All the books and the online information I have found until Heather, were not very effective. I had an extremely difficult case, a pregnant mom with heavy metal poisoning, severe pelvic pain, suffering from heartburn and insomnia. I used all the points I researched in my books and online and it DID NOTHING. I was not able to shift her condition in the least. I reached out to Heather Bruce, and she replied to me right away with solutions that were simple, practical,which involved moving energy and getting the mom the proper nutrients she needed. My client’s pain improved.

‘Her online courses are amazing. The Transformative Healing Package has golden nuggets of knowledge. Heather’s 8 extra courses are the reason I went into acupuncture school to become a healer. A shaman. A person that can show people how to transcend where they are in their lives and moved past it. These will be the best spent few hours of your life. And will shift the foundation of your practice to be built anew. I feel like I have waited my whole career for Heather’s information. 

Carine, L.A.

Anyone can . . Shiatsu

“Having completely reshaped all I do since discovering Heather’s work in 2010, (after 12 years as a Shiatsu practitioner), I came away rich with new learning and the three days in Living Ligaments practical made a profound difference in my own clinical practice. I feel like nothing would to be too hard in pregnancy to treat on my table in clinic, it was really an opportunity to be hands on with all of the course material we have had and received from Heather over the past 2 years”. Maja – Cairns

What next?
Maybe chat with me (Heather) to see if we are a good fit?

You can start anytime with the online work.

You may wish to sign up for all of it – we have small hands on classes.
Only a few each year.

My healing sanctuary in rural West Coast NZ is the venue in the summer months.
Anytime I can use the Healing Centre in Brisbane

If you wish to host me – we could talk . .

1 – Online FIRST

Self paced, instantly downloadable – start now . . .

This is essential for anyone serious about alignment and lymph flows – hence Qi movement.

Not just in women’s lives and maternity. Undo all the structural shifts that the body workers are missing.

Always we are involved in undoing ourselves – the emotional and the physical remnants of having lived in our own lives. .

Instantly useful in your own life and in clinic . .

Regardless of what style of acupuncture or other modality you may use.

Three components: (Please click to learn more below)

This is what we started with

I am changing platform online to start at Perineal Steaming and Self Soothing – Belly Moves. When/if you sign up for the entire package, all of this will be sent – starting with my ones above, and then the original three part pack.

2 – Hands – On

Experiential offerings


Heather’s Foundational Moves Through Life Phases

Initiations with Jing Transitions

Reprogramming pelvic flows by reconnecting Bao & Dai Mai Biology is our guide. Individual soul scripts/Karma may provide an interesting ride Human ideologies based on time and space are outside these teachings.

These courses are being birthed.  

Pelvic Opening Part I: 

Painless Pregnancy and Easy Birth & Beyond

Assisting the birthing of new parents . .

Will be offered later in the year – as the Gentling Way graduates may need extra  skills – to then share in 3 hour teaching workshops they run – to gift their potential ‘students’/clients/patients.

Pelvic Opening Part II: Men Matter

Pelvic Opening Part III: Broken: Journey back to Self

Pelvic Opening Part IV: Move from Queen to Crone

Pelvic Opening Part V: Becoming Woman – maidenhood towards maternity

Living Ligaments I – Womb Woes to Womb Wonders

  • Ligaments released
  • Return to Blueprint
  • Visceral organ repositioning
  • Gyne/Pelvic/digestion/lymph

Living Ligaments II – Prolapse to Pelvic Power and prostate bliss

Review of LL I plus

  • Adhesion breaking
  • What lies beneath
  • Sacral/ back moves
  • Diastasis repair
  • Prolapses and all falling donw
    Prostate and all men’s health

Living Ligaments III

Opening the Baby Gate

  • Review
  • Completion of all sacral and pelvic corrections
  • Creation to expulsion of the new life they make together . .
  • Fertility through to easy birthing and beyond
  • Healing After Birth – all versions and for all participants

Career trajectory . .

Gentling Way Practitioner

Level One

Must have completed the following for Level 1 certification

  • Self Care Online Course
  • Opening the Pelvis Part I
  • Self Discovery Online Course
  • Gentling Way Self Care Course
  • Living Ligaments I
  • One month Online Mentorship

Upon completion you will have the opportunity to teach this material one to one to your clients.

Gentling Way Practitioner

Level Two

Must have completed the following for Level 2 certification

  • Self Care Online Course
  • Opening the Pelvis Part I
  • Self Discovery Online Course
  • Gentling Way Self Care Course
  • Living Ligaments I, II, III
  • One month online mentorship

Upon completion you will have the opportunity to teach this materials to your clients, as well as host workshops.

Gentling Way Practitioner


Must have completed the following to become a Gentling Way Teacher

  • Self Care Online Course
  • Opening the Pelvis Part I, II, III, IV, V
  • Self Discovery Online Course
  • Gentling Way Self Care Course
  • Living Ligaments I, II, III
  • One month online mentorship
  • Ongoing support
  • Healing the Wounded Healer Retreat

Upon completion you will have the opportunity to teach this materials to your clients, as well as host workshops. Train up and coming teachers to do this work.

Healing the Wounded Healer Retreat 

(By invitation)

Open to students at any level of their training.

Usually at Atarua in January – we can do elsewhere if fully hosted in a ‘safe’ space.

See Heather’s Training Schedule
– click here for schedule