Sita Tara Kali

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I am a 43-year-old Mother to six children, Traditional Birth Keeper, Holistic Multi-Modality Healer, Dancer, Martial Artist and occasional DJ!

I live in the beautiful forest of Northern N.S.W, Australia with my two youngest children, my partner of 16 years and my black cat.

I was brought up by open minded parents with my younger brother on a small organic farm in the South West of Western Australia (Noongah Country) Much of my childhood spent wandering amongst the tall Karri and Jarrah forests or frolicking in the paddocks making daisy chains and learning about plant species and communicating with animals.

In my early twenties after some training at WAAPA as a dancer, a half degree in Drama teaching and a very deep soul-searching adventure to India… I found my home, my heart and my tribe in the wild hills of Nimbin. (Bunjulung Jugun) There I met my first husband and not long after we conceived our son. Pregnancy and birth were the most sacred, wonderful, mind and heart expanding experience of my life! It put me on the path of my higher calling, and not long after the amazing free-birth of my son, I started supporting others to birth naturally. Over time I met amazing Midwives, Birth educators, teachers of traditional birthing practices, Elders, Shamans and Wise Wombyn from all different cultures, who blessed me with passing on the knowledge of the old ways, the Wise Wombyn Ways, practises and traditions, herbs and healings from lineages that were being forgotten or dying out.

Over the next twenty years I was so very honoured to walk the path of traditional Midwifery in the way it had originally been experienced. It was not an easy path in a strongly overly-medicalised world, but I was supported by my family and my community who experienced first-hand my heart, my hands, my skills and my honed empathic and psychic abilities. Weaving the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of birth back into our modern world. Honouring the sacred rites of Mothers, Fathers and their children to enter into the world in peace, safety and love.

During this time, I had also re-partnered, took on co-mothering three step-children, birthed two more children at home, ran pregnancy & birth support groups, worked as a chef and danced wherever possible! It was a busy but blessed life!

In 2018 I had burned myself out, not giving myself the same care and nourishment that I was so passionate about providing! But my near-death experience (due to an unknown stomach ulcer bursting, resulting in emergency surgery and months of recovery) was in itself a tremendously huge gift… It brought me to my master teacher, Heather Bruce and my Aikido master teacher Michael Williams.

With Heather’s multi-modality, multi-dimensional, multi-lineage approach and her +40 years of alternative medical experience, I was able to learn how to heal myself and learn new skills to add to my years of birth wisdom. I was driven by a fascination and passion to integrate this new knowledge to assist others on their healing journey to live in a state of pure homeostasis. This thirst for knowing how we can live a life of flow was also inspired by my love of martial arts (Aikido), and in particular the understanding of Qi(energy) that my Sensei Michael taught in his classes.

The Chinese medicine, Maya abdominal alignment, pelvic care, Heather’s Living Ligaments, Gentling Trauma relief, energy work and much more continues to ignite my love for providing Wombyn and their families with keys to a happy life and great health.

Having studying Heathers’ Gentling Way for over two years, I love offering whatever feels right on these holistic healing sessions. It is a delightful privilege to assist people on the road to health and happiness with simple solutions, heartfelt hands and natural remedies.

I continue to study and practise both the healing and Aikido techniques .



My home has a special womb room steaming and magic happen here!!