Healing birth trauma



This is so needed
If you feel triggered at all – I am sorry.

You will need to get past this.




Start with the basic ingredients – eat so much more FAT and SALT and get out in the sun . .

Seriously – all that is seen at this moment as being ‘bad’ for you is actually the best.

Go from being stuck (maybe in memories of trauma)


to here . . .


Change . .

Expectations . .

Please don’t stay stuck.

You can heal – and well . .

Women’s Healing Package
Women’s Healing (Maternal rescue) package can be sent to you – anywhere in the world. Designed with everything I have found in my decades of exploring what works for myself and others.

It contains not has the helpful products – but a package of online courses – self help (and with a friend) massage plus the use of moxa to allow your loving partner/mum/friend to help you heal your body – it is where you live.

Especially these vibrational essences that will totally alter how you and baby can operate in your body and in your world.

Better still . .

Preparation (for marathons – we expect to do more than show up with the right shoes on).

Written to allow the average person to completely take over all aches, pains, all ‘health’ issues and be empowered through the pregnancy . And beyond – so healing post birth is simple – as you have all the tools right here – you can get the eVersion of this here – instantly.


So many women undergo urgent apparently needed interventions

Prevention is always the better route.

Nutrients (ingredients for life – at all stages – not just breasts – see more here) and flows – again – for life – we need the Qi and the Blood and the nerves and the wastes to be all as they are deigned.
Emotions, energy and structural issues that can block this then leave us with the physical not able to do its job well – again – it is all  the preparation – much like building the right foundations of anything – a garden, a house – or a baby . .

And of course – energy follows thought – where is the focus?

If ‘safety’ is the medical one – what is Nature’s?
The same – but by ensuring all is well at every stage.  . back to preparation.
Then the intention is followed by the energy flowing to the areas where the instructions are going . .


Easy birth . .

Or not . . .

And – all in our bodies is connected to all else. .

Physical: many levels there..
Not mentioned tends to be the adhesions – scars and memories caught

At least feel comfy in your body again   ..

Find yourself a Maya/Arvigo worker to assist put all back together again.
Steaming (yoni steaming/perineal steaming/intimate sauna)  is a must
As may be belly binding and castor oil packs.
Even ‘just’ using it locally to allow the scars to soften.


Manual/surgical placental extractions

So much is stored within us – and so easily assisted.
Please find yourself someone to guide you into the ancient women’s business – vaginal steaming is a must.
Healing in so many levels – as long as you are not pregnant now, have no mesh or implants within and are not bleeding  ..


Episiotomies – however old

1 – Castor oil – local daily application along the scar (inside and outside) –
2 – Steaming – when not bleeding – and daily is best for at least until you feel stunning – and then cut it down to maybe 2x weekly.
Not whilst pregnant, if you have an implant/IUD/mesh.

D and C
C Sections

Bodies and souls do heal  . .

This book may alert you to how to recognise and to help yourself and others


What next?
What to do?

Is this you? An unsettled mother . .

See me if you can . .
or someone I have trained into my Gentling Ways . .


If you are a natural health care practitioner:

Jennifer Mercier’s Healing After C Section work is here

My own courses are here

You can and will heal on all levels – take the time to breathe – and to be there for yourself at least  .

Please – Fill your own cup up first!