Gentling Way Practitioner

David Moore

Formal Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Health Science – Acupuncture at Endeavour College (current student)
  • Gentling Way Practitioner
  • Living ligaments 1 with Heather Bruce
  • Painless pregnancy and Easy birthing and Beyond with Heather Bruce
  • TRE Tension, trauma release training Level 1
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Bachelor of Business (University of Technology Sydney)

Life Experiences

Prior to becoming passionate about understanding my own body, health and healing I studied business and finance and worked in a corporate environment for many years both in Australia and overseas in the Czech Republic. After over ten years working in this environment, I gradually lost my passion for finance, became discouraged, and had that feeling that there was something else out there for me.

Around this time, my wife after years of following doctor’s recommendations and still being unable to resolve her allergies and chronic acne, took responsibility for her own health, researched and implemented different natural alternatives. This meant that my diet changed which I initially resisted. We often jokingly recall me commenting on my wife eating goji berries as bird food. However, within six weeks her allergies and acne disappeared and I noticed incredible changes in my own body. Humble pie can taste sweet.

Since that time (2014) my life moved in a different direction as I felt compelled to spend the large majority of my spare time exploring and researching how this amazing body of ours works. I am convinced that the body is capable of healing itself where there is awareness, understanding and the provision of necessary inputs and seek to apply this principle when formulating a treatment.

About a year into my learning journey, my mum fell ill with cancer and using the base of knowledge available to me at that time, supported and assisted my mum through her journey as best I could and witnessed such a profound difference.

In pursuit of learning in a more structured environment I initially commenced the study of an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, which focused on the application of Western Herbal medicine. However one year into this study I was inspired by the acupuncture model of medicine and broad depth of application to address not only the physical but the mental, emotional and metaphysical aspects of our being. I am currently studying acupuncture.

I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers whom have freely shared with me their passion and expertise. Having attended a vast number of different workshops varying from auricular acupuncture to initiating neurological tremors in the body to release trauma stored in our physical structure, it amazes me at how simple or how incredibly complicated we can make medicine and healing with various approaches and protocols. For me, effective healing is not just one thing or modality, it is a collective of wisdom applied to the unique individual.

The Gentling Way approach combines a simple and sensible approach, which allows healing through recognition of our blockages, taking out what is not meant to be there and nourishing the body thus allowing the body to restore itself to health (homeostasis). It is not focused on the name of the disease state, but rather that the disease state is a reflection that we are not in a state of health and initiates the movement towards a state of health through understanding.

Why I follow the Gentling Way

Healing is made to appear so complex. How much of this do I take, when do I take it, but someone else said, don’t do that, it is not going to work!  In my pursuit for finding the “right answer”, the “cure all”, I continually found myself applying intellectual concepts, which had limited results. Frustrated by this I searched for a model, which considered broader aspects than just a specific measurable indicator or standard approach for a particular disease.

I then stumbled across the Gentling Way, which was profoundly what I was searching for and continually reminds me that healing is unique to the individual and can be so simple. 

Take out what is not meant to be there, understand the physical blockages we create in our bodies and provide the conditions necessary for the body to thrive. Healing is just like gardening. The gardener doesn’t grow anything, only creates the conditions for growth to take place. 

For me, the Gentling Way merges all of the basis tenants and concepts I have learnt from my previous studies and practical experience, and combines them into an instantly applicable framework with directly observed results. Not focusing on disease, but the unfavorable conditions preventing a return to health.

Living the Gentling Way with my wife and taking responsibility for our own health, we have seen remarkable changes at both a biological and relationship level. It is as though sub-conscious barriers that separated us are being eroded and deepening our relationship. I am a believer of what works and I am passionate to share this knowledge to assist others with their healing journey.

My passion

Having a consistent and devoted passion for something, that feeling of waking up and having a magnetic attraction for continuing from where you left off the previous day, is a profound gift. My passion is to learn, experience and increase my vitality while at the same time assisting and educating others to do the same for themselves.