Gentling Way Practitioner

Carine Camara 

Formal Qualifications

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine San Francisco, CA 2010, Arvigo® Mayan Therapy Practitioner, 2018

Life Experiences

Seeking answers on how to improve my health led me to where I am. Suffering from chronic digestive issues, severe period pain, acne, and chronic fatigue. My health issues inspired me to become an acupuncturist and healer to learn how to heal myself and other people.

Why I follow the Gentling Way

I was looking for ways that were more effective and transformative to help my clients. I found Heather because I was looking for answers for problems – and she had the solutions. Not only does her method work for my clients. It works for the practitioner, working on myself, healing my wounds to be a better human on the planet.

My passion

I believe that body has an immense capacity to heal itself. I am passionate about transforming and healing myself, and I want to show others the path towards their growth and change. I strongly believe in the traditional ancient forms of healing that were passed on from generation to generation. Our modern society has lost this quality. I want to be part of a movement to bring that form of healing back into people’s everyday lives.