Month: January 2020

Trainings at a glance

Traditional Healing Wisdoms Revisited Taken from many healing cultures these trainings are an amalgam for the modern age, in our changing times. Multi modality – as this is LIFE not medical focused. Based on Heather’s lifework, in her unending search for her burning questions to be answered, expect a fresh approach, for all life stages, …

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Membership courses will be available as we progress through the Transformative Healing course: After graduating from Living Ligaments II (And likely Healing the Wounded Healer) • The Natural Life Guide • The Natural Fertility Detective • The Natural Fertility Guide • The Natural Pregnancy Guide • The Natural Parenting Guide

ONLINE – Transformational Healing

2 components – contains all of the above online courses and more. 1.Self Mastery which includes: • Self Discovery – Undoing “The Story” • Self Discovery Tools – PLUS 2. The acupuncture content, • cheat sheets and • recorded past workshops – 1994 to now. Tips/gems secrets from a master acupuncturist to you: totally transferable

ONLINE – Love Your Man Better

Specifically male fertility and sexuality focused, this links with Foundational Moves and Men’s Healing Practical to give you all you need to help him become all of who he can be – in the privacy of your own home – using these tips and simple tools – massage oil, moxa and your loving hands.

ONLINE – Men’s Healing Practical

Taking you through a session with me working on the belly and the diastasis and other obvious ‘leaky gut’ and tissue integrity challenges that simply respond to this touch therapy. Incorporating suggestions for all prostate health, circumcision trauma, prostatitis, cancer and beyond – touching on fertility and sexuality. (See Love Your Man Better)